NICOLAI ION G16-EBOXX – the E-MTB revolution!

What a machine! The NICOLAI ION G16 E-BOXX is certainly pretty damn extreme.

The NICOLAI ION G16-EBOXX is arguably pretty revolutionary! Breaking with convention from the outset, this bike is super long and its seat angle is ultra steep in a bit to enhance its smoothness and stability as well as elevate its climbing credentials. It’s equipped with a Bosch Performance CX motor with a downtube-integrated battery that can be removed from the underside. Instead of welds NICOLAI have bolted the casted downtube onto the rest of the frame. The many CNC machined parts are really impressive on the ION G16 EBOXX, which isn’t surprising knowing that this bike comes from a high-end German manufacturer. If you’re keen on top-notch engineering then this is a NICOLAI that you’ll froth over! We’ve already run-through its details in our First Look article here, and there’s a test ride review set to be published in the upcoming issue of E-MOUNTAINBIKE.

The battery can be taken out from the underside of the downtube.
Engineering masters working their magic! #bikeporn
They’ve done a fine job of transitioning from the downtube to the motor.
The honeycomb structure of the casting is clear to see.

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