What a looker! The motorbike specialists FANTIC have come up trumps with the forward-thinking, downhill-primed XF1 Integra.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of FANTIC, as this Italian brand have been keeping a low profile until now. However, the motorbike specialists have picked the right moment to finally come out with a super exciting concept in the form of the FANTIC XF1 INTEGRA. With a sleekly integrated Brose motor and either 160 mm or 180 mm of front and rear suspension (depends on the spec), the FANTIC looks like it’ll have the ultimate skills on both uphills and downhills thanks to its 29″ front wheel and 27.5+ rear wheel. FANTIC also intend to have app connectivity that’ll allow you to set up the motor how you like as well as track your rides. The spec is certainly primed for ripping down hills and it all looks very promising. FANTIC also claim to have adopted particularly durable and robust bearings in the rear pivot. The Italian brand focused on developing their own battery too, which has nicely compact dimensions (330 cm) and therefore keeps the weight low. With a 630 Wh and 50 cells, the range is also going to be very generous. So far, so good. It’s out from September with prices between € 5,000 (160 mm travel) and € 6,300 (180 mm travel).

This cover almost completely hides the charging socket on the bike.
This RockShox Super Deluxe steel spring shock is designed to provide the ultimate traction and control.
The Bluetooth interface lets you connect an app with the display. There’s also talk of a sim card and GPS sensor in the motor so that you can track your rides.
Impressively compact and located low on the bike, the brand’s own 630 Wh battery generates a good centre of gravity in order to try and guarantee balanced handling.
Depending on the size of the rocker arm, the FANTIC has 160 mm or 180 mm of travel out back.
This big top tube to head tube area adds stiffness and precision to how it handles.
FANTIC have teamed SRAM Code brakes with a two-part disc brake rotor.

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