At the foot of the Kronplatz, the idyllic postcard-perfect town of Bruneck hosted the third edition of EUROBIKE Media Days. Spanning three packed days, select cycling journos (us included) had the exclusive chance to take a close look and test out what’s going to drop in 2018 on the many trails in the area. Here’s our run-down of what caught our E-MTB interest:

At the foot of the Kronplatz we were regaled with 24 brands showing their wares, a chilled-out atmosphere and clouds that rolled in and out to reveal the peaks.

BH Bikes Xenion with Bosch PowerTube

The Xenion Lynx 5 27.5″ Plus Pro is the most high-end of the line-up with a price tag of € 4,999.

The Xenion models from BH bikes rank amongst some of the earliest to adopt Bosch’s new PowerTube battery. Here’s a brief intro: the Xenion Lynx 5 27.5″ Plus Pro rolls up with 120 mm of travel and plus-size tires. The integrated battery is divvied out on both the full-suspension models and the hardtails, and it can be removed from the upper side of the downtube on all the bikes.

Like all BH full-sussers, the Xenion Lynx 5 27.5″ also has a split pivot rear end design.
The slim toptube is one trait shared by all of the models in the Xenion line-up. BH haven’t fully settled on the battery integration and it looks set for more revisions before the production bike is out on release.

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