Unior 1693AS BikeGator+

The Unior has one unique feature; a huge clamp handle like the ones you’d normally see on a big workshop-stand. None of the other clamps in our test is as smooth and reliable as this one – provided you’re sticking to one tube diameter – but fine-adjustments via the threaded dialer must be carried out before clamping. As an alternative to the 1693AS Unior offers the 1693A model which features a self-adjusting sprung-clamp system. Unfortunately this doesn’t give you any control over clamping forces and limits its functionality to a restricted amount of tube-shapes and sizes. In terms of material technology the Unior meets professional workshop standards: the whole stand – including the clamp-jaws – is made of metal. The clamp’s quick-release system includes a locking-nut which allows for easy tightening with one hand. A quick-release system secures the huge clamp-head and can be removed for transportation in a single movement. If there was a dedicated design award for work-stands Unior would most definitely take it home! The tidy look, great material quality, superb finish and clever details make it the highest-quality stand in our test. Compared with the PRS-25 the Unior is slightly less stable, which is why it didn’t make our “best in test”. Still if you are looking for something slightly more compact than the Park Tool stand the Unior should be your first pick.

  • Best quality/make
  • Quick release system easy to operate with one hand
  • Quick and easy to dismantle
  • Slightly less stable on uneven surfaces

Price: € 328 (inclusive tool tray)
Weight: 6,56 kg (including tool tray)
Additional: 4 versions available (sprung-clamp or threaded fine adjustment dialer, both respectively with or without tool tray)
Infos: unior.at