As FOX’s current lineup of gravity-oriented fork dampers approach their 6th birthday, the American manufacturer has allowed them to ease into a well-earned retirement as they introduce three brand new dampers. The new GRIP X2, X and SL dampers will come standard in all new FOX forks, and we’ve already put them through their paces – and there were quite a few surprises!

Apart from the golden finish on our special edition test models, the new 2025 FOX forks look pretty much unchanged over the previous generation, at least from a distance. This comes as no surprise, as all of the exciting changes have happened on the inside. We’re talking about new damper cartridges, which have been developed around the existing FOX chassis. The American suspension colossus is introducing three new dampers: GRIP X2, GRIP X and GRIP SL, which are meant to replace the proven GRIP2 and FIT4 models…

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Words & Photos: Peter Walker