Contec Rock Steady

Der leichteste Montagestäner im Test kommt von Contec.

The Contec certainly isn’t the sturdiest stand in our test but we still think that it’s a great option considering its price. Having said that you’ll still have to accept that some compromises were made for build-quality. The stand is mostly made of plastic and this reflects especially on the stiffness of the boom-head. The single parts of the clamp have a lot of play and the handle won’t open the jaws wide enough. This means you will need to give it a few extra turns before you can fully release the bike – still better than having to wind the clamp all the way open. All in all the Contec is a very reliable and stable work-stand for all types of bikes. In addition it is the lightest and most compact stand in our test. However in comparison with the other stands in our test its long-term durability raises some concerns. But this is comprehensible considering the price tag of only € 130. In our opinion this is a great deal for all the occasional hobby-mechanics out there.

  • Cheap
  • Light & compact yet fairly stable
  • The handle fails to open the jaws wide enough (you have to wind it open all the time)
  • The plastic head isn’t torsion-resistant
  • Build quality

Price: € 129.95
Weight: 4.56 kg