Pedros Folding Repair Stand

The Pedros is a true monster amongst repair-stands. It is by far the heaviest model in our test field but the additional weight also gives it extra stability. The massive tubing and the steel-beam-like upper column lend the Pedros the same kind of stability that the Park Tool PRS-25 offers. For the clamp, Pedros went their own way – a clever trigger-grip gradually brings the clamp jaws closer while a small flip-switch allows for decoupling of the clamp to release the jaws or push them back together. The rear locking mechanism relies on a solid anti-slip rubber-knob which works smoothly but lacks the speed and precision of the PRS-25. Because of this and the rather heavy weight the Pedros didn’t get our best in test badge. Still if you’re after a stable and sturdy stand for your home-workshop the Pedros is a great and slightly cheaper alternative to the Park Tool.

  • As stable as the PRS-25
  • Comfortable trigger-handle
  • Solid and durable quality
  • Heavy
  • Clamping mechanism slightly slower than the PRS-25 system and not as precise
  • No tool-tray and no tool tray option

Price: € 385
Weight: 9.30 kg (including the case)
Extra: includes a sturdy carrying-bag