Feedback Sports Pro-Elite

Der Feedback Sports Pro-Elite biete eine top Qualität für den Preis.

The Pro-Elite is very popular in the pits of pretty much every big cycling event. And this is no surprise! Thanks to its high-quality finish and light-weight construction the Pro-Elite assembles quickly and folds down to very compact dimensions. On top of that the metal clamps and the elegant red-ano aluminium tubing make it an extremely good looking work-stand. The clever clamping-system remains the strongest selling point of the Pro-Elite. The clamp jaws are simply pushed together by hand and a ratchet-mechanism locks them into place with 5 mm intervals. This is how it works: place the seatpost or seat tube into the jaws, squeeze the ratchet-clamp to lock them into place and twist the knob once to tighten – job done. No other system in our test adapts as easily and quickly to the different tube sizes. Releasing the clamp gives you the same satisfying feeling you get from whacking on an e-stop button: the switch located on the side of the head opens the clamp and releases the bike immediately. The main reason Feedback didn’t make our best in test is its lightweight construction. It’s great for sporadic repairs on E-MTBs but definitely not an option for a daily use with heavy bikes; the stiffness of the construction reaches its limits under heavy loads.

  • Top quality
  • Clever ratchet-head and release button
  • Very flexible for different tube diameters
  • Compact and light
  • Stability is not great (if used exclusively with E-MTBs)

Price: € 299.95
Weight: 5.50 kg