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Mubea E-Mobility: an automotive supplier wants to stir up the bike industry

Have you ever heard of Mubea E-Mobility? No? Well don’t be surprised. The automotive supplier hasn’t been active in the cycling sector yet and is only just presenting two radical concept bikes for the first time at this year’s Eurobike Media Days. We got a little closer to see what their unusual E-Downhiller concept is all about and will tell you what’s behind it.

The Mubea business group usually deals with complex automotive components but has now decided to put a foot into the e-mobility sector. Without a doubt the Mubea DH-Bike is turning a lot of heads here at Eurobike but it also leaves many asking themselves one question: is the bike actually meant seriously? Yes and no — Mubea doesn’t want to introduce itself as a new bike manufacturer but rather as a technology supplier. The E-Downhiller concept-bike is just a way to introduce the group’s capabilities but in reality Mubea sees the greatest potential in the urban-mobility sector. How are our cityscapes changing and how will cargo-bikes look in the future? Mubea has already got an answer to this question — or at least they have a vision.

The concept bike wants to show Mubea’s potential and know-how as a technology supplier

Mubea’s intention is to hand over their knowledge in both the carbon-fibre and electronics sectors and the production and assembly of vehicles. Instead of introducing themselves with an own brand Mubea is looking for partners who are already active in the industry to join forces and bring new products to the market. We are looking forward to seeing their first production bikes — negotiations with well-known bike brands are already taking place.

A new motor with an integrated 8-speed gearbox is the beating heart of the Mubea concept bike
Since the gearbox is integrated in the drive the bike doesn’t require any gears
BMZ provides the battery. It comes with an unbelievable capacity of 1,100 Wh and is said to charge incredibly fast.
The huge battery is cooled down by the airstream on both sides and can be removed sideways
Once the battery is removed you will notice the huge empty slot. All cables run inside the carbon tubes.
The prototype has over 200 mm of rear travel
On most bikes the upside-down DVO EMERALD fork looks totally oversized but perfectly fits the Mubea
Details such as the elaborate carbon handlebar round off the aesthetics of Mubea’s concept bike

Our take

We can’t possibly imagine seeing such a radical production bike on the market any time soon. Still the Mubea prototypes give us an idea of what the future might look like. How will ebikes change over the years? Will they still have as much in common with normal bikes as they do today? For sure Mubea is questioning the current state of things and we are curious to see more from these sort of mavericks in the future.

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Words: Photos: Valentin Rühl