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Riese & Müller with COBI.Bike, theft protection and new bikes

Riese & Müller takes a big step towards the future and presents a number of exciting, mostly digital innovations. integration with Bosch interface, a comprehensive theft protection program with GPS tracker and lots of assistance-related services. There are also a personal customer portal and two new bikes on their way — that’s not all of it but certainly the most exciting additions.

Networking and digital services are at the top of Riese & Müller’s agenda for 2019. As part of the Rider Experience (RX) program a number of new products and features should help customers to use and maintain their bikes and effectively allow them to focus on riding their bikes and having a good time.

Rider-centric Evolution for Riese & Müller. New features such as and progressive networking are designed to make eBikes more efficient and fun in everyday life.

The connectivity Dreamteam: COBI.Bike, Bosch and Riese & Müller

Let’s introduce the most exciting news straight away. Riese & Müller will be the first manufacturer to offer a Bosch-based COBI interface. Thanks to Bosch’s acquisition of the integration is straightforward. It relies on a standard Intuvia mount and uses the same remote it has used so far – and of course you’ll need to use the display of your mobile phone in connection with this system. The collaboration with is not just limited to the system itself but is a long-term development partnership. One of the special Riese & Müller features is a user-interface with a very own design — more special features are planned for the future and can be added later-on by simply updating the app. The system will be available as an optional for nearly all models (except for HS models and automatic gear-shifters) from September the 1st at an extra charge of €169.

Available from September 1st for nearly all Riese & Müller at an additional cost of € 169: the COBI.Bike.
The hardware consists of a special smartphone holder which can be attached to a conventional Bosch Intuvia slot – your mobile phone basically replaces a conventional Bosch display.
The app can be managed directly from a touch screen or via the Bosch remote

Riese & Müller is also setting up a customer portal for its end-customers. When customers place an order they will receive a login-code for their individual configuration which they can use to track the production status of their bike. More features regarding assistance- and maintenance-related services will be released in the near future — as well as a complete dealer-interface. This will allow you to book a maintenance or repair and check the status of either. The features of the customer portal will be connected and combined with the app.

A customer portal will be going live at the end of the year. This will facilitate the communication between dealers, customers and the individual bikes.

Comprehensive theft protection: RX-Connect and RX-Service

An optional thief protection tracker called RX-Connect will soon be released but will initially only be available for the Nevo series. This tracker sits deep inside the drive-slot and draws its power from the main battery. In addition the tracker has its very own battery in case the main battery is removed. Thanks to cutting edge narrowband IoT technology the chip is extremely energy-efficient and can run on its own power for another 5 months.

The hardware is built-in in the drive-compartment and is therefore inaccessible. However an eye-catching sticker warns potential thieves that the bike is fitted with a anti-theft tracker — a perfect deterrent.

And there’s more. If customers who subscribed to the RX-Service suffer a theft all they have to do is call the hotline and report their bike stolen. At this point they just have to be patient while their case is taken care of and wait to get their bike back. If the bike doesn’t turn up within a certain time frame the stolen bike will be replaced with a brand new one. Due to the nature of the service the RX service doesn’t have one-off payment option but needs to be purchased through a yearly subscription which costs € 99/PA.

New models: Load 75 and Multicharger

The Riese & Müller Load 75 is not exactly a brand new bike but rather the new extra-long version of the Load series. It shares all the features with the Load but features a 75 cm-long loading area. This gives you 50% more loading-volume than the Load 60 and is just 6 cm wider — which means the handling should be pretty much identical. Fun Fact: The reason this version has been released is the arrival of the chief-engineers’ third child… that’s how many children you can carry on it. Two of them will be sitting facing front one of them facing back. Of course the Load 75 can also be used to transport other goods and there will also be the usual range of accessories. The bike will be available in two versions starting September the at a price ranging between € 5,599 and €5,899. The equivalent HS versions (45 km/h) will cost € 600 more.

Long, longer, Riese & Müller Load 75. The 75 cm-long loading bay is slightly wider and is designed to offer 50% more volume than the largest model to date, the Load 60.
Three children or an equivalent load will fit on the Load 75
The rear panel offers plenty of room for a second optional battery, a bottle holder or whatever you want to take with you

The Multicharger might not be as radical as the Load 75 but is still pretty unique. Based on the normal Charger it features a longer rear-end which makes it a classic cargo-bike. The carrier can take up to four standard panniers, R&M’s own bag system or a “passenger” seat. The Multicharger will also be available FROM September onwards; it will be released in 4 standard versions and 2 HS versions at prices ranging from € 3,899 to € 5,099 – without any DualBattery- or bag-upgrades.

The Multicharger is basically the long version of the Charger
On the extended rear-end there is enough room to place two classic panniers next to each other – that’s 4 in total
A custom bag system is also available

For more information head to the Riese & Müller Website

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