The new Ergon SM E-Mountain is a saddle especially developed for the needs of eMTBers. With an eMTB, you can ride longer and climb steeper, and that’s precisely where the new saddle promises to support the rider. We took a look at how this works at Eurobike.

The new Ergon SM E-Mountain is available in both male and female versions for € 89.95.

The most obviously unique feature of the new Ergon SM E-Mountain is the upward curve of the rear end. The supporting ramp helps to save energy and to stop the rider from slipping over the back of the saddle in steep terrain. The saddle also features extra thick padding for long days in the saddle.

The raised rear end is designed to increase stability on the bike and prevent backward sliding in steep terrain
A soft padding and a slightly flexible frame should make the saddle particularly comfortable

Ergon also integrated specific channels for both sexes to relieve pressure on sensitive body parts. On the men’s model, it’s positioned more towards the back, whereas it’s further forward on the women’s model. The small opening on the men’s model is intended to increase the flex of the saddle shell. The saddle will be available in two widths for both genders, weighing about 300 g.

The recess in the men’s model is positioned towards the back. The hole promises to further increase flex and thus comfort.
On the women’s model, the cutout is positioned further forward to optimally relieve the most sensitive area.

The new seat will be available from the beginning of next year for € 89.95.

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