The new Bosch motor has spurred many manufacturers to release new models equipped with the system. CUBE has upped the ante, announcing numerous new eMTBs with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. We took a closer look at the CUBE Stereo Hybrid models and the rest of its electrified highlights for model year 2020.

New Bosch means new bikes. With the release of the updated Bosch Performance Line CX generation, CUBE have redeveloped all their sporty eMTBs from the ground up for model year 2020. Both the Stereo Hybrid 120 and Stereo Hybrid 140 now roll on larger 29” wheels, while the Stereo Hybrid stays true to its 27.5” wheel size.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140

The CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 is now supposed to be more performance oriented than its predecessor. For the first time the carbon eMTB rolls on 29” wheels and features more aggressive geometry with more progressive suspension kinematics. Versatility and balanced handling, both up- and downhill, stood at the top of CUBE’s list of priorities. To offer longer range for extended trail adventures, CUBE have fitted 625 Wh batteries in all Stereo Hybrid models. At € 4,999, the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 TM 29 offers a solid spec at a great price, so much so that we just couldn’t resist and have already managed to take it out for a short test ride. The top-end CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPT SLT 29 will make a dent in your wallet at € 7,999 but for that money provides you with electronic and wireless SRAM X01 Eagle AXS shifting and various other premium parts.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC SLT 29 | Bosch Performance Line CX/Powertube 625 Wh | 140/140 mm (f/r) | Weight: n/a | € 7,999
The suspension consists of a RockShox Deluxe shock and a Pike fork…
… with more of a focus on the overall weight of the bike than outright riding performance.
Electronic and wireless: thanks to AXS, there are two cables less to worry about in the cockpit. However there’s still a bit of clutter with Bosch’s long display and remote cables which wrap their way around the bars.
Shifting is taken care of by SRAM X01 Eagle AXS gearing
Carbon everywhere: the eThirteen cranks are super light.

If we were to go for one of the Stereo Hybrid 140 models, we would likely choose the € 5,999 CUBE Action Team model. The special paint job and the performance oriented components make it a bit of a looker.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Actionteam | Bosch Performance Line CX/Powertube 625 Wh | 150/140 mm (f/r) | Weight: n/a | € 5,999
CUBE equips the Action Team model with heavier and stiffer FOX suspension…
… with a 36 fork and FOX Float DPX2 shock
We couldn’t resist and took the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 TM 29 on a short test ride
It’s a bit too early for a first ride review though. All we can say is we’re excited to get our test bike!

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160

Just like its predecessor, the 2020 CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 relies on wide 27.5” tires and delivers 160 mm travel at the rear, combined with a 170 mm fork for all models up front. The entry-level model has a carbon main frame, costs € 4,199 and delivers a solid selection of components. However we would prefer to replace the Hans Dampf with a grippier Magic Mary for the front tire. At € 7,999 the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SLT doesn’t come cheap, but it comes equipped with the best and lightest components money can buy.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SLT 27.5 | Bosch Performance Line CX/Powertube 625 Wh | 170/160 mm (f/r) | Weight: n/a | € 7,999
A specially developed mount for the battery and lock are designed to hold the 625 Wh securely and rattle-free in the down tube
The battery cover has been given a lot of attention by CUBE, with soft materials to avoid rattling and a press button to access the battery easily
The speed sensor is still based on a temperamental and fragile spoke magnet. That’s a pity as other manufacturer’s have found much neater solutions.
The Stereo Hybrid’s charging port is high-quality and easy to access
Powerhouse: the new Bosch Performance Line CX has been convincing us with its performance out on the trails

CUBE Stereo 120

Less travel means less money with the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120. The most significant difference to its bigger brothers is that this bike’s frame is made from aluminium, which obviously helps cut down costs. That makes the Stereo Hybrid 120 ideal as a beginner’s or trekking bike. With its comfortable geometry and user-friendly, practical features such as a stand mount, it aims to cut a fine figure not just within the realm of performance biking. Pricing starts at € 3,299 for the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro. At € 4,499 the top-end “Race” version is actually around the entry-level price for the longer travel Stereos.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 SL 29 | Bosch Performance Line CX/Powertube 625 Wh | 120/120 mm (f/r) | Weight: n/a | € 4,499
To cool the motor, CUBE partly relies on the stack effect. If any servicing or maintenance is required, cable and connector can be easily reached underneath the perforated plastic cover.
We admit that we’re not fans of the Kiox display. But the ACID Kiox mount is by far the best solution we’ve seen so far to mount this delicate display.
The massive chainstay guard effectively prevents any chain slap. However, it can’t prevent the internal clunks of the Bosch motor.

For riding the kerbs of the concrete jungle, CUBE offers a version of the Hybrid 120 perfect for daily use: the € 3,799 CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro Allroad 29 with mudguards, lights and racks.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro Allroad 29 | Bosch Performance Line CX/Powertube 625 Wh | 120/120 mm (f/r) | Weight: n/a | € 3,799
Lots of storage: the bags from in-house brand ACID fit perfectly on the luggage rack

CUBE Cargo Hybrid

The Cargo Hybrid sees CUBE heading in a new direction with their first cargo ebike. The € 5,299 cargo bike is fitted with the Bosch Cargo Line motor with up to 410% assistance. Thanks to the modular luggage concept, you can carry your beer crates just as easily as your kids.

CUBE Cargo SPORT Dual Hybrid | Bosch Cargo Line/Dual Battery 1000 Wh | € 4,999
The cargo compartment is constructed from foam but is nonetheless very stable
Thanks to the 1000 Wh capacity, you should have enough range even with heavy loads
The Bosch Cargo Line-Motor delivers up to 410 % support

CUBE Nuroad Hybrid – quickly and cleanly into the office

Gravel or commute? With the smart CUBE Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SL you no longer need to decide between categories. This everyday-ready bike is powered by a Fazua motor which can be quickly removed with the battery as a single unit from the down tube. Sweat-free commuting to your office during the week combined with sporty, full-gas rides on the weekend? The innovative drive unit means this bike is versatile enough to do both!

CUBE Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SL | Fazua Evation 250 Wh | Weight: n/a | € 4,499
CUBE is one of the first manufacturers to use the new Fazua Remote fx. Unfortunately you’ll have to remove your hand from the bars to change assistance modes.

Our first impressions

CUBE has spared no cost or effort putting together an incredible portfolio for model year 2020. Its urban-ready, everyday bikes make a great first impression and impressed us with their clever features. We’re excited to see how the performance of the eMTBs holds up on hard trails and how they’ll perform in direct comparison to the competition. We can’t wait!

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Words: Felix Stix Photos: Lars Scharl

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