About Bosch eBike Systems

Bosch is the largest and most important motor manufacturer in the premium ebike segment. Founded in 2009, Bosch eBike Systems spawned from within the Bosch Group, able to draw on the existing expertise in electronics, battery and sensor technology. The first generation motor debuted at Eurobike in 2010 and went into production in 2011. Bosch introduced their first Performance Line CX motor in 2015, in response to the emerging eMTB trend, which it itself was instrumental in shaping.

Frankly, without the market leader Bosch, ebiking would not be where it is today. While quality and functionality have always been high on Bosch’s list of priorities, the issues of integration and customisation have created the biggest challenges for most bike manufacturers. After all, the size and design of the motor heavily influence bike designs and geometry concepts. The same applies to the available displays and remotes, which strongly impact ergonomics and intuitive integration with the bike. Unlike many of their competitors, Bosch only provide a complete system and rely on standard parts for quick and easy availability of spares which is complemented by its well-established service network offered through its service partner Magura. This summer, Bosch eBike Systems are celebrating their 10th anniversary with CEO Claus Fleischer and are presenting their new generation motor for 2020. We’ve summarised the most important details.

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