With the Kid Vaaya 1, Croozer offer a high-quality kids trailers that can enthuse parents and their kids in equal measure thanks to its generous comfort and clever features. We tested the top-of-the-range model with its integrated light, breathable seat covers and clever AirPad suspension. This is what we think after 12 months of use.

Croozer Kid Vaaya 1 | 16.1 kg | from. 1.050 € | croozer.com

When editor-in-chief Jonas became a dad, it wasn’t a question that his son Ole should share his passion for bikes early. Jonas settled on the Croozer Kid Vaaya 1 as his kids trailer, in which Ole could go on his first wintery tours at 4 months old thanks to the optional baby seat (from € 100) and matching winter kit. A unique feature of the Croozer is that even newborns can ride along thanks to these accessories. Cool! When Ole outgrew the baby seat, he happily switched to the well-ventilated seat clad in breathable Climatex fabric. Kids are strapped in with a 5-point harness with two belts over the shoulders, two over the thighs and one around the waist which are secured by a central buckle.

To be seen at night
The handle has an integrated light that turns on automatically in the dark or when the trailer moves. You don’t have to worry about the trailer being visible to others. The light is charged via a fixed USB cable.

Simple and functional
The Croozer AirPad suspension consists of a foam insert that controls the suspension. Regardless of how much you load it up with, you don’t have to adjust the suspension as you do on many other kids trailers.
2-in-1 rain cover
Kids are reliably protected from rain, mud and UV rays beneath the 2 in 1 rain cover. In addition, the Croozer has a separate insect mesh. Prefer to ride in an open-top? No problem. The cover can be rolled up and easily stowed.

A further unique feature is the Croozer AirPad suspension. Croozer claim that the Sylomer foam adapts to the load on it automatically. That means you don’t have to adjust the suspension or waste any time thinking about it when you add extra luggage. The idea is a clever one but doesn’t work perfectly. As the load increases, the Croozer sinks deeper into its travel and has fewer reserves left for larger obstacles. Nonetheless, in practice, we and Ole found that the system had enough travel left when fully loaded and riding potholed roads, forest tracks and cycle paths. Let’s be honest, this kids trailer isn’t designed to do more. Trails or quick manoeuvres are a no-go!

Clever and high-quality: Attaching the Croozer Kid Vaaya to your bike

An important topic when it comes to choosing a kids trailer is how it is attached to your bike. The Croozer team has developed its own solution, the Click & Crooz system, for which you’ll have to order the matching axle for your bike for an additional € 65–80. With this system, the bike trailer specialists ensure that their products are compatible with almost all modern bikes. To help you choose the right axle, Croozer have developed a template that lets you measure the length and thread pitch of your current axle. In practice, the high-quality system convinced us completely. It can be attached within seconds, connects solidly and has zero play even after 12-months of intensive testing. It also has built-in redundancy and includes a lock to let you secure the trail to your bike. The integrated light in the handle can be charged via a USB cable and switches on automatically in darkness or when in motion. No forgetting to improve visibility at night here. Great! Everything just works on the Kid Vaaya 1 and it’s clear that Croozer have put plenty of thought into all the details. From rolling up and stowing the rain cover to attaching optional extras, removing the 20” wheels or folding the trailer together for the car, all of its numerous features can be used intuitively and easily.

Click, clack and go
With the Click & Crooz system and thru-axle, the trailer isn’t just compatible with a large range of bikes but can also be attached within seconds. With the integrated lock you can even lock the trailer to your bike.

Pushing it along: The Croozer Kid Vaaya 1 in buggy mode

Click the small 6” rubber front wheel in place, remove the tow bar and the trailer can be transformed into a roomy and comfortable buggy suitable for everyday use in the blink of an eye. When shopping or doing everyday chores, the 43 L cargo capacity is a great benefit, regardless of whether you’re out and about with your bike or not. Oles verdict is unambiguous: if he has the choice between the Kid Vaaya buggy and his normal one, he always goes for the Croozer. However, papa Jonas has to level some criticism at Croozer in buggy mode. While the height of the handle can be adjusted, its length can’t and is on the short side. That results in stubbed toes and shins hitting the Croozer while walking. On top of that, you’ll be looking for a sensible place to stow the tow bar in vain. It fits in the cargo bay but due to its bulky nature, restricts how much else can be loaded.

Simple and quick The 6”
buggy wheel and tow bar can be fitted/removed quickly and tool-free, allowing you to switch between trailer (bike) and buggy (walking) modes. The tow bar is attached from the base and is secured by the weight of the trailer as well as a magnetic bolt.
Grow with the flow
The headrest is adjustable and can be adjusted to fit the body. Top! That should let kids up to 6 years old or 117 cm tall find room inside.

Ventilation of the Croozer Kid Vaaya 1

With good weather and an open cover, we liked the Croozer a lot. When the weather turned and things got muddy, it couldn’t completely convince us. Close the cover when it’s raining or because you don’t want to spray your child’s face full of mud and it quickly gets sweaty inside. The problem: when closed, the only ventilation comes from the base of the cargo area. Even without any luggage that’s not optimal. As it gets loaded up, ventilation is severely restricted, meaning kids are left to sweat in the Croozer despite the breathable seat.

Ventilation issues
With the rain cover closed, the only ventilation remaining is at the base of the cargo bay. With cargo loaded it gets blocked up, inevitably leading to sweaty kids on rainy summer days, despite the breathable seat material.

Croozer Kid Vaaya 1 conclusion

The thought-through package of the Croozer Kid Vaaya 1 with its clean looks, high-quality finish, convincing suspension and large cargo bay ensure a great time with your kids on their first bike tours in a trailer. In everyday use and as a buggy the trailer convinced with its quality, comfort and ease of use. However, you’ll have to accept some issues in terms of ventilation when it rains and the clearance for your feet when you’re pushing it in buggy mode.


  • clever and effective suspension
  • high construction quality
  • quality and implementation of the hitch
  • large cargo bay and suitability for everyday use
  • easy to use


  • limited ventilation in bad weather
  • limited clearance for legs when pushing in buggy mode

Tester Jonas und Ole
Duration 12 months
Price from € 1,050
Weight 16,1 kg
Maximum payload 35 kg
More info www.croozer.com

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Words: Jonas Müssig Photos: Jonas Müssig