Let’s back up a moment, a bike rack that caters to our riding needs with the ability to carry two ebikes and doubles as a bike stand? It arguably sounds like a tempting combo. The XLC Almada Work-E Bike Rack promises both of these functions without raising the price tag. So, how does it perform?

XLC Almada Work-E Bike Rack | 20,38 kg | € 700 | max. load 60 kg | Manufacturer’s website

XLC entered the bright and colourful world of bike components back in 2003 as part of the ACCELL GROUP, who are responsible for Haibike, GHOST and Lapierre amongst others. Their XLC Almada Work-E Bike Rack designed for two ebikes (max. load 60 kg) is priced at € 700. XLC claim the rack has extra-wide carrying capabilities suitable for ebikes with a wheelbase of 100–133 cm, 24 cm rail distance (centre to centre), and up to 75 cm/2.8″ wheels on the wide wheel rails.

Once your bikes are mounted, you can tilt the rack and access your boot as usual. When not mounted on your car, it can be folded down to what XLC call “luggage size”, which is 22x87x52 cm, or used as a bike workstand with an adjustable arm.

The clamps are suitable for use on all frame materials, including carbon, and there are quick fasteners for the wheels. There’s a sense of heft with the Modular Rail System, which lets you add on a host of other accessories including the XLC MRS Rail Lock for added security (€ 65). There’s even the option to wheel your bike up XLC’s € 80 loading ramp if you want to avoid lifting your bike, plus frame adaptors specifically designed to accommodate step-through bikes. For an extra sense of security, the towbar connector is adjustable and can be locked in place.

Two eMTBs sitting pretty!

XLC Bike Race on test

The route from our basement to the car was somewhat wobbly on the folded-up rack’s wheels but fortunately largely problem-free. At 20.38 kg, it’s the heaviest rack we’ve ever tested, so those suitcase-style wheels and handle are a godsend. (Up until now – even in our 5 rack group test – the heftiest has been 17.9 kg.) Could its weight be its downfall? While its own permissible max load is an impressive 60 kg, consult your car manual before loading to check what your towbar can manage. Two ebikes and the rack itself can quickly add up.

It may look hefty when on the car, but it folds into a very storable package.
The wheels make it easier to haul the rack from your house to the car, but be aware it may wobble.

The manual is pretty formidable, but once you have digested as much of it as you can, you’ll find that it’s remarkably simple to install the XLC Bike Rack onto your towbar. What makes it particularly unusual to a standard bike rack is the addition of the repair stand. Given the generously wide 154 cm rails to house your ebikes, the rack has a clean but somewhat big bruiser aesthetic.

The XLC Bike Rack has a lot to love about it as it favours those with back trouble or those who are getting on in their age because there’s an optional ramp so you can simply roll your ebike up onto the bike rack. You then clip the wheels into position as usual – if we’ve got one complaint, it’s that the useability of these clips could be improved.

Under orders not to do any heavy lifting? Use the ramp!
While the clamps are not the most user-friendly, they hold the bike securely in place.
The ratchet fastenings are sturdy but not as smooth as we would like.

To carry two ebikes, you lift up the repair stand before loading the first back onto the back rail, then close it in a crane-style over the first bike and ratchet it into place. This bike, you’ll notice, feels safely cocooned in the rack, even if visually it doesn’t look like a normal rack. Now you’re ready to load the second bike, which clamps into a little arm on the repair stand. Both clamp arms are height and angle adjustable, but there’s no way to move them sideways unless you get a frame adapter from XLC that will unlock an additional 25 cm of space for either bike position. The hefty clamps take their task seriously but are cumbersome to use, so don’t try and load your bikes in a rush until you’ve got the hang of how they work. To release your bike, you’ll need to press and hold a button to one side while opening the clamp. Other loading inconveniences include the rigidity of the clamp arms and the size of the clamps, but isn’t it all in the name of safety? Those with a super sleek or kinked top tube may struggle, likewise bikes that have a rear shock sitting flush to their frame or even those with an oversized top tube as the clamp diameters seem limited.

Lock in your first bike with the folded-down repair stand and get ready to load number two.
Now you can secure bike number two in place.

For step-through ebike riders? XLC have made a frame adaptor that enables you to carry your bike despite the immovable central part. So that’s both bikes loaded, and you’re ready to go with fuss-free, steadfast bikes that look secure. The rack comes with a tilt function, which is designed to provide access to your car boot with loaded bikes, although we discovered that this doesn’t apply to all car types – it requires a certain distance between the bikes and the door to the boot. Our advice is to check in advance.

Press down to tilt.
Need something out of your car boot? Not all car types allow access with a fully loaded bike rack, so test this functionality before buying.

Now if there’s one way to a bike rider’s heart, it’s through a standout feature, and on the XLC bike rack it’s the integrated repair stand. Keeping it on the tow bar, begin by unloading both bikes so that you can then fold up the sides before folding the arm over the whole thing towards you at the rear of the car. You’ll then place your bike on the rubberized cut-out at the end of the arm – this hanging spot for the bike could be improved for future iterations as despite the rubber, the bike felt a little loose. Once you’ve carried out the necessary repairs or cleaning, you can reload the rack and drive home. Unload once more, fold up, and wheel the whole rack using the handle swiftly into your house for storage.


  • integrated workstand
  • long rails suit big bikes


  • heavy rack plus potentially heavy bikes could exceed your towbar’s max load
  • doesn’t suit every bike frame
  • looks hefty with the integrated repair stand

Our thoughts on the XLC Bike Rack

If you want a rack that offers a big impact, your hunt may end with the XLC Almada Work-E Bike Rack thanks to the integrated repair stand and additional loading ramp, making it a great choice for those into versatility and functionality. The bad news is that it’s not particularly easy to use and visually it’s something of a bruiser. But if you have really fallen for roadside transport and repairs, it’s a solid option at € 700.

More info at xlc.com

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Words: Antonia Feder Photos: Mike Hunger, Manfred Schmitt, Antonia Feder