Curtain up for SQlab’s new 2022 products. The ergonomics experts have completely revised the ERGOWAVE series, presenting new 611, 612 and 6OX saddles and a revamped active system that is not only significantly lighter but also more effective in improving rider comfort. We’ve also got all the details about the new bib shorts, gloves and trail wear from SQlab.

SQlab are known for products that are all about improving the ergonomics of biking. The German ergonomics and anatomy experts are a good starting point if you suffer from numbness while riding, whether it’s your hands or your soft tissue. For 2022, SQlab are not only presenting the latest generation of existing products but also completely new technologies. Before we go into detail about the new products, we would like to recommend our interview with the founder and managing director of SQlab, Tobias Hild, where we take a look behind the scenes of the development and production of the new, made-in-Germany 6OX saddle. In it, we discuss why it’s important to measure your sit bones and how to find the right saddle.

The 2022 saddle collection and the new active system 2.1 in detail

With the 2022 saddle range, SQlab promise to have reached the next evolutionary step in the proven ERGOWAVE series, offering significant improvements in weight, comfort and relief. The EROGWAVE shape of all models is based on the same platform while each of them has been adapted for different uses. A new shell construction in combination with a new active system not only reduces weight by 15% but is also intended to significantly increase comfort. Most notably, the lateral deflection has been increased by 100%, so that your intervertebral discs are able to move a lot more freely while you’re pedalling. The active system and the lateral deflection can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences and body weight via three different elastomers. What’s also new is that all saddles are now additionally available in a 16 cm width. This way, more riders can enjoy a saddle that is perfectly tailored to them.

Active system: old…

… vs new.

You can use different elastomers to adjust the lateral deflection of the saddle and movement of your intervertebral discs to suit your preferences and weight.

6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active 2.1 in detail

The 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 is SQlab’s saddle for gravity and eMTB riders. Thanks to its shape, special material and double-sided rear end, it should offer the perfect compromise between efficiency and comfort on long climbs. The highlight of the new 6OX 2022 is the Infinergy material it’s made of. The so-called expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), which was developed by BASF, is very elastic, extremely resilient and abrasion-resistant. It has already proven its advantages in other areas, such as in sports shoes. Now it promises to do the same with saddles. According to SQlab, they resorted to this material to manufacture saddles that are more comfortable than was previously possible. In addition, the saddle is entirely manufactured and developed in Germany. Anyone interested in the background, development and production of the made-in-Germany saddle will find exciting insights in our interview with Managing Director Tobias Hild. The 2022 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE active 2.1 is available for € 199.95 and comes in 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm widths.

6OX ERGOWAVE active 2.1 | € 199.95 | Use: gravity and eMTB | Rails: S-Tube | Size: 13, 14, 15, 16 cm | Weight: from 250 g (manufacturer’s specs).

612 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 in detail

The detailed improvements of the 612 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 promise to raise the saddle to a new level in terms of comfort, relief and weight for road and cross-country cyclists. One of these is the new active system 2.1, which should allow your spine to move more freely. The 612 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 is available in widths of 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm and the lightest version weighs just 205 g (manufacturer’s specs). The carbon rails are only available as S-tubes, so you’re out of luck if you require oval rails.

612 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 | € 149.95 | Use: road bike and cross-country | Rails: S-Tube | Size: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 cm | Weight: from 205 g (manufacturer’s specs).

611 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 in detail

At SQlab, 611 represents their trail riding range. The ERGOWAVE shape of the saddle has been specially adapted to the needs of mountain bike touring and trail riding. Here, too, SQlab are relying on the active system 2.1, which, together with other improvements to the details, is intended to provide more comfort, more relief and reduce weight. To make the 611 meet the demands of mountain bike use, its sides are reinforced with Kevlar. It is available in 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 cm widths, costs € 159.95 and has a claimed weight of 223 g. The saddle is also available in a special 611 ERGOWAVE ltd. Wings for Life edition. By buying the blue saddle, you automatically donate € 10 to the Wings for Life Foundation, which finances and supports global research projects to heal spinal cord injuries.

611 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 | € 149.95 | Use: trail & tour | Size: 13, 14, 15, 16 cm | Rails: S-Tube | Weight: from 223 g (manufacturer’s specs).
611 ERGOWAVE active 2.1 ltd. Wings for Life | € 159.95 | Use: trail & tour | Size: 13, 14, 15, 16 cm | Rails: S-Tube | Weight: from 223 g (manufacturer’s specs).

Bib shorts by SQlab – Airy and extra thin

SQ-Short ONE12 R

The SQ-Short ONE12 R expands on SQlab’s range of padded pants with a version that is aimed at competition-oriented roadies and mountain bikers. It’s equipped with a very thin and firm pad that is just 4 mm thick while still providing sufficient comfort. The shape of the pad has been specially adapted for an aggressive riding position in which the pelvis is rotated forward. The SQ-Pad ONE12 R is said to set itself apart from the competition thanks to its high density, breathability and quick drying. By keeping the pad thin and firm, it promises to be comfortable without creating pressure points or shifting around, which some thicker, softer pads do. In addition, the bib shorts feature a mesh fabric, flexible, welded seams, compression fabric and laser cut hems.

SSQ-Short ONE12 R | € 229.95 | XS–XL.

SQ-Short ONE11

If you prefer to ride a mountain bike without bib shorts because you don’t like that diaper feeling of padded pants, the SQlab are here to help with the SQ-Short ONE11, promising more comfort when you ride. Because if you ride without padded pants, you’ll know the feeling of pressure points and numbness. That said, bib short converts can also benefit from the SQ-Short ONE11. With its 6 mm pad, it’s said to offer the perfect compromise between sitting and wearing comfort. Thanks to the dense and breathable foam of the pad in combination with a TPE gel, it should absorb pedalling movements and gravitational forces without the need for a thick pad, remaining comfortable to wear. The mountain bike bib shorts also feature two SAS-Tec Tripleflex pads to protect your hips in the event of a crash, and two back pockets for your essentials.

SSQ-Short ONE11 | € 199.95 | XS–XL.
EA pair of removable SAS-Tec Tripleflex pads protect your hips in the event of a crash.

Gloves from SQlab with Formula 1 technology

The high-end SQ-Gloves ONE11 in detail

With the SQ-Gloves ONE11, SQlab claim to have found the perfect material for the inside of bike gloves. It’s said to be super thin and flexible without wrinkling and also offer plenty of grip. To make the lightweight gloves even more comfortable for touring and trail use, SQlab was inspired by the design of Formula 1 kit and placed the seams on the outside. As such, there are no annoying seams around the fingertips. To help you find the perfect size, SQlab dealers won’t only take your measurements when choosing a saddle but also when looking for gloves. The gloves are available in five sizes and two widths, slim and wide. As a result, almost everyone should find the perfect fit. The well thought-out gloves for mountain bikers who value grip and handlebar feel are rounded off with pads to protect your outside knuckles.

SQ-Gloves ONE11 | € 69.95 | XS–XL.

The SQ-Gloves ONE 0X for gravity riders in detail

With their thin but durable material on the inside, the SQ-Gloves ONE 0X are aimed at mountain bikers who want to let rip. Like the SQ-Gloves ONE11, they’re available in five sizes and two widths, and the seams are on the outside, which is supposed to offer increased comfort.

SQ-Gloves ONE 0X | € 49.95 | XS–XL.

2022 SQ-lab kit

SQlab are also expanding their portfolio of riding kit and are bringing new trail wear onto the market with the SQ-Short ONE OX and the SQ-Jersey ONE OX. The shorts feature a waterproof front pocket with a waterproof zipper, a hard-wearing and water-repellent coating, good ventilation and high-quality fabric. They are available in sizes XS–3XL and cost € 179.95. The 0X jersey is aimed at gravity riders who appreciate a light jersey made of flexible and stretchy material. Price: € 99.95. When it comes to sizes, SQlab have thought of everyone, offering the jersey in everything from XS to 4XL.

SQ-Short ONE OX | XS–3XL | € 179.95.
SQ Jersey ONE OX | Size XS–4XL | € 99.95.

The ergonomics experts at SQlab are expanding their range with exciting products that seem sensible and well thought-out. Our highlights are the new active system, the 6OX saddle made entirely in Germany and the new Infinergy material. We’ve held some of the 2022 products in our hands and they certainly feel high-quality, though we’re yet to put them to the test. As soon as we have, you’ll be the first to know.

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Words: Jonas Müssig Photos: Jonas Müssig and SQlab