Comparing skills has always fascinated humans. This used to be quite calm with pedelecs and e-bikes. This has now come to an end. Regional cyclists and renomated e-bike manufacturers took part in the first E-Bike World Championships (EWC) in the Dolomite region Hochpustertal (South Tyrol). The championships are made out of a three day mountain race with 50 km and 1.600 m in altitude.

Dolomiten Rennen nr2 Armin Kiebacher auf B45 offroad am Helm

Only serial models with 25 km/h and ipt to 45 km/h were allowed on to the race track. The race tested the bike’s material up to it’s limits. The mountainbikes with central motor weren’t the winners, as expected. A beginners model with back motor by the manufacturer Klever Mobility from Cologne, a KYMCO brand.

Dolomiten EWC Rennen nr3 45kmh Kat unterwegs

Armin Kiebacher came first with the S-Pedelec Klever B45, while his brother Daniel cane third in the Pedelec class with the sister model Klever S25.

Dolomiten EWC Rennen nr2 Armin  Kiebacher

„Races are a perfect opportunity for manufacturers to test their bikes and technologies in direct competition under harsh conditions.“, is what Fritz G. Baumgarten, General Manager of Klever Mobility Europe, who used to work for Campagnolo, has to say. „We welcome the initiative of eBike Dolomite, who have given lots of input into the event and improved the Pedelec’s image, in order to ensure a fair comparison of different classes and systems.“

Dolomiten Rennen nr1 Armin Kiebacher

Prejudices against rear motors can be disproven

Baumgarten is especially happy about the good result of the own brand rear motors, which disprove their own prejudices.
„Both the 500 watts strong Biactron system motor, which is available in the B45 and S45 models, as well as the 250 watts motor of the normal pedelec class don’t overheat and offer maximum performance until the end.“

The Klever mobility team checked the motor’s temperature during the whole race. As a result: The motors coped with a 30 % steep track and 1.600 m in altitude. Baumgartner and the event’s hosts all have the same in mind:

„All e-bikes, that managed to climp up the Dolomite mountain will be perfect for daily use.“

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Text & Photos: PM Klever Moility