News: New BH Bikes AtomX Lynx 2022 – Unique design meets connectivity

BH Bikes is launching the AtomX Lynx for 2022 with a completely redesigned frame and new geometry. The Spaniards stay true to their unique design and combine it with the Brose S-Mag drive and 720-Wh battery. We took a first look at it.

BH Bikes AtomX Lynx Carbon Pro 9.9 | Brose Drive S Mag/720 Wh | 160/160 mm (f/r)
| € 8,699 | Manufacturer’s-website

Spanish bike brand BH Bikes continues to rely on the upper removable 720 Wh battery and the Brose S Mag motor for its new AtomX Lynx, but packs it all into a newly developed full carbon frame with exciting features. We had already tested the predecessor, the AtomX Carbon Lynx 6 Pro-S in 2020 and were impressed by the innovative concept. Unfortunately, the riding performance did not speak for the bike back then. It remains to be seen how the new frame concept performs on the trail!

BH Bikes AtomX Lynx 2022 – all changes at a glance

The power button is hidden under the battery cover.
A minimalistic control unit instead of a large display – e-bike understatement!

The biggest change to the AtomX Lynx for 2022 is the new full carbon frame with updated geometry. The Spaniards have opted for a longer main frame with a flatter front and shorter rear in contrast to the predecessor. In addition, the bike is now available in size S to appeal to smaller riders from 155 cm upwards. Not quite common in the e-bike sector with constantly growing battery capacities – great! The Brose S-Mag motor remains the same as its predecessor, but in the new model it is positioned horizontally instead of vertically. This lowers the centre of gravity, which in our eyes could give the AtomX Lynx a more balanced weight distribution. In terms of integration, the AtomX Lynx 2022 clearly goes one step further – not only are the cables completely routed inside the main frame, but the motor components have also been given a minimalist makeover: the bike does without a display and the power button is hidden under the battery flap on the top of the top tube. Only the 3-button remote on the handlebars with the LEDs provide e-bike flair. On the other hand, BH relies on the iConnect app for extensive connectivity and setting options for the motor via smartphone.

Models of the AtomX Lynx – variety meets colourfulness

The AtomX Lynx is now available in 5 different models with 2 different suspension travel variants. The AtomX Lynx 8.8 and 8.9 each rely on 140 mm travel front and rear, while the three 9 models should satisfy downhill-oriented riders with 160 mm. All models can be colour-coordinated to personal preferences using the BH Unique configurator. The main colour and the decals can be chosen separately, and you can also have your name printed on the top tube. You can choose from 35 different colour shades, resulting in over 42,000 possible combinations – there really should be a colour combination for everyone!

Specifications of the BH Bikes AtomX Lynx 2022

The specifications of the 5 models are numerous. All models use the same motor and battery unit, as well as FOX suspension. The top model is equipped with the stiff FOX 38 Factory suspension fork combined with the martial-looking FOX DHX 2 steel spring damper and makes it clear where the journey is heading. The top model 9.9, which costs 8,699.90 €, relies on Shimano XT components for both drive and deceleration. The 4-piston brakes come with sturdy 203 mm brake discs at the front and rear.

BH Bikes AtomX Lynx Carbon Pro 8.7 | Brose Drive S Mag/720 Wh |
140/140 mm (f/r) | € 6,699 | Manufacturer’s-website
BH Bikes AtomX Lynx Carbon Pro 8.8 | Brose Drive S Mag/720 Wh |
140/140 mm (f/r) | € 7,499 | Manufacturer’s-website
BH Bikes AtomX Lynx Carbon Pro 9.7 | Brose Drive S Mag/720 Wh |
160/160 mm (f/r) | € 6,899 | Manufacturer’s-website
BH Bikes AtomX Lynx Carbon Pro 9.8 | Brose Drive S Mag/720 Wh |
160/160 mm (f/r) | € 7,599 | Manufacturer’s-website

Our Recommended Model – AtomX Lynx 9.7 2022

Based on the spec list, the AtomX Lynx in the 9.7 variant for € 6,899 seems to make the most sense to us. The bike has the FOX 36 in the Performance variant, which is absolutely sufficient for lighter riders and offers good compliance. The FOX shock, also in the Performance variant, does without the Kashima coating, which offers little added value apart from bling bling. In terms of brakes and drivetrain, the 9.7 also convinces with stable Shimano components and thus makes a good first (unridden) impression in terms of price-performance.

The new BH Bikes AtomX Lynx 2022 promises more trail performance, more integration and minimalist e-components combined with a distinctive silhouette and customisable design. In terms of geometry and integration, significant changes are visible that could eliminate the criticisms of the previous model. Compared to its predecessor, the longer and flatter bike gives hope for a smooth and balanced ride. But only a test can show that – we are curious!

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: BH Bikes

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