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SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 saddle long-term review – Finally, a saddle everyone can get comfortable on?

The saddle just has to be right. As such, SQlab don’t just offer the 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 saddle in different sizes. The ergonomics experts have also resorted to a newly developed material for the padding, hoping to put an end to sore bums. Read on for our impression of the saddle after 6 months of testing.

SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 | Tester Manne | Test duration 6 months | Weight 266–292g | Price € 119.95 | Manufacturer’s website

A comfortable saddle is essential for long rides. Many riders are satisfied with the standard model that comes with the bike, but hardly any component benefits as much as from being tailored to the rider as this contact point. In search of comfort, we tested the SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 saddle for 6 months, riding trails and tours. The innovative thing about SQlab’s latest saddle is the material the padding is made of. It consists of so-called Infinergy foam, which BASF developed and also gets used for the soles of running shoes. In addition, SQlab have gotten rid of the saddle cover, only applying strips of tape to the areas that are particularly exposed to wear and tear. By doing so, they can reduce material waste and protect the environment, and it looks cool too. The seat stays are made of steel.

The saddle is available in four different widths from 13 to 16 cm. SQlab don’t offer a special men’s or women’s version – it should fit women and men equally well, as long as you choose the right size. To determine the correct saddle width, you can either have your sit bone distance measured at your local dealer or SQlab will send you a piece of measuring cardboard and a paper ruler free of charge. The sit bones of our tester Manne measured 14 cm and he felt most comfortable on that width.

One of the saddle’s standout features is the Active system, which refers to the damping mechanism that allows it to follow the movement of your hips as you pedal. The level of damping can be adjusted using three different elastomers, which are included in the box. The elastomer gets clamped between the rails and the saddle shell, which is a bit fiddly to do, but you usually only have to do it once. The soft, white elastomer is suitable for riders up to 70 kg; the grey, medium, is meant for riders up to 80 kg; the black, hard, should suit riders from 80 kg and up. There’s a noticeable difference in the flex of the saddle, depending on the elastomer you use – we mainly used the black one. The 14 cm model on test topped the scales at 271 g.

The damping of the saddle can be adjusted to the rider’s weight using three elastomers included in the box
The elastomers get inserted at the rear end of the saddle

Of course, the comfort of a saddle depends heavily on the person using it. If we had had 10 riders test the saddle, we would have gotten 10 different opinions of the ride comfort. It’s a good thing that SQlab give all their online customers 30 days to test the saddle. They allow you to return the saddle if you’re not satisfied, even if it’s got signs of wear. Our tester Manne found the saddle to be comfortable, though it took a short while to get used to. According to SQlab, the exchangeable elastomers should allow the rider’s pelvis to move laterally while being gentle on the intervertebral discs, thus relieving the strain placed on your back. Manne doesn’t usually carry a computed tomography system when he rides, so he can’t confirm this, but he didn’t experience back problems either. The saddle offered lots of support when riding in slightly hilly terrain. The main reason for this is the so-called ERGOWAVE shape. The raised rear end stops you from slipping off the back of the saddle, especially on steeper climbs when the eMTB is pushing you up the mountain at full power. The dips at the front distribute the pressure evenly and relieve sensitive areas.

The raised rear section offers a lot of support on steep climbs and prevents you from having to lean forward

Active riders who like to lean their bike into corners or get their weight over the rear wheel on steep descents could be restricted in their freedom of movement since the SQlab saddle is quite long at the front and wide at the back. The tape protecting the saddle provides an excellent interface between the saddle and the rider and the saddle handled all the abuse we could throw at it over the course of the test without suffering any damage. Even after 6 months, both the tape and the uncovered areas of the padding show minimal signs of wear, although Manne repeatedly leaned the ebike unmindfully against rough walls with the saddle. Pouring rain and the resulting mud couldn’t do anything to blemish the 6OX Infinergy either – every bit of dirt and mud could be completely removed. Priced at € 199.95, the saddle isn’t cheap, but it’s SQlab’s first model to be made entirely in Germany, reducing the environmental impact.

The tape on the padding of the saddle prevents you from sliding back and forth

The SQlab 6OX Infinergy ERGOWAVE Active 2.1 is a cool looking saddle. However, it doesn’t just look good, it’s very comfortable too. The so-called ERGOWAVE shape offers a lot of support, the tape on the surface prevents you from slipping around and the adjustable damping is easy on your back. Thanks to the home-measuring kit, SQlab also make it easy to find the correct saddle width. The only downside to this excellent saddle is the hefty price tag.


  • high-quality workmanship
  • look
  • very comfortable
  • entirely made in Germany


  • relatively expensive
  • limited freedom of movement on the trail

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Words: Mike Hunger Photos: Thomas Weiss