The new Specialized Tero X 6.0 costs € 6,200 and wants to be a true all-rounder: e-trekking bike for weekend adventures, fully-equipped eMTB for trail fun, and off-road commuter for everyday use. We exclusively tested the new Tero X 6.0 for you to see if it manages to live up to its claim.

Specialized Tero X 6.0 | € 6,200 | Specialized Full Power 2.2/710 Wh | 130/120 mm (f/r)
26.5 kg in size L | | Manufacturer’s website

Many e-SUVs are adaptations of existing eMTBs that were originally designed for trail use, which often entails compromises in certain details and functionality, such as tire clearance, mudguards, chassis design, loads that change the weight distribution, etc. With the new Tero X, the Californian brand claim to have started with a blank slate to build a bike specially designed for all-round use.

The new Specialized Tero X is the logical progression of the Tero line, which was launched in 2022 as the hardtail version Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 EQ ST. Even back then, we would have liked a bit more comfort at the rear, and with the new Tero X 6.0, our wish becomes reality. It’s a full suspension trekking bike designed to be ridden comfortably in a seated position, to carry loads, and to provide smooth handling and a high fun factor in all situations. This was Specialized’s intention. The development of the Tero from hardtail to full-suspension wasn’t all that simple and several problems had to be solved along the way – the product manager Mattia Berardi in the Specialized development centre in Switzerland exclusively explained to us what challenges they faced.

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In the Swiss town of Cham am Zugersee, Specialized has bundled its ebike know-how in a former paper factory.
Here, an interdisciplinary team is continually working on new, innovative bikes, aiming at setting standards.

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Words: Jan Richter Photos: Peter Walker