Are you looking for a trustworthy companion to take on the tallest mountains? For the new season, Riese & Müller have thoroughly revised their Delite Mountain. With more travel and revised geometry, it should be even more fun and inspire more confidence.

Riese & Müller delivers the revised (Super-)Delite Mountain with a new frame, a Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor and optionally with or without a double battery.

When the tarmac ends, the new Riese & Müller Delite Mountain starts to feel at home. The German eBike expert from Darmstadt has entirely revised their bike and left nothing untouched: The bike is powered by a new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor, which draws its power from either a 500 Wh battery or a 1,000 Wh dual battery. Riese & Müller deliberately dispenses with the new 625 Wh battery, which is around 7 cm longer and would affect the design and geometry of the bike. With 150 mm travel, chunky 27.5″ tires and a dropper post, the Delite Mountain is perfectly suited for off-road riding. All models feature a Supernova high beam light, which provides outstanding visibility on the trail and significantly increases the rider’s safety in urban environments. Prices for the new Riese & Müller Delite Mountain start at € 6,119, for 500 Wh battery-versions up to € 7,199 for the Superdelite Mountain with a 1,000 Wh dual battery.

The new Delite and Superdelite eMTBs are powered by a new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor
The Superdelite has two integrated 500 Wh PowerTube batteries
The Delite Mountain only features one 500 Wh PowerTube battery, which is integrated into the down tube
Riese&Müller also offers different display options: the Kiox display shown in this picture or a COBI smartphone module.
A 150 mm FOX 36 should provide riding fun and comfort whilst inspiring confidence.
The rear-end of the Delite Mountain is controlled by a FOX shock.
Chunky and aggressive Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires provide the right amount of grip.
All Delite Mountain models come with a standard Supernova light which offers a high beam function.
If you happen to ride into the night, a tail light will make you visible.

Chain or belt drive? With Delite Mountain you have the choice/h3>

Whilst the new Delite Mountain is available with two battery options, Riese & Müller also give you the choice of either a classic rear-derailleur or a low-maintenance belt-drive – the latter combined with a Rohloff gear hub. The Rohloff, on the other hand, can be operated either mechanically or electronically. In addition to the low maintenance, this system also gives you one more advantage: never break a chain again!

One of the highlights of the new Delite Mountain: the low-maintenance belt drive with Rohloff gear-hub.
A belt tensioner ensures even tension whenever the rear-end oscillates.
Both models are also available with a conventional rear-derailleur.

Riese & Müller RX Connect – the Delite Mountain and other models are networked

Whilst Riese & Müller already introduced the RX Connect System last year, back then it was only available on one of their models. Now, however, the RX Connect can be installed on almost every Riese & Müller bike. But what is it? It’s a built-in chip that turns your eBike into a fully networked smart bike. Should the bike get stolen, Riese & Müller thus provides all RX customers with a free replacement bike. In addition, the system can detect crashes and will automatically call help in case of impact. Over-the-air updates, which do NOT require the bike to be connected to a smartphone, ensure that the software is always up to date. Riese & Müller offers a total of three different service packages (Basic, Smart and Premium), whereby the aforementioned services are always included. Thanks to a cooperation with Zurich Insurance, the Premium Package also includes fully comprehensive insurance for your bike.

Spot on! The mobility of the future is connected. Well, we have nothing to add: all the better that Riese & Müller has integrated the RX Connect module into almost all of their new bikes.
If you decide to order your Delite Mountain a RX Connect module and subscribe to one of the three service packages, among other things Riese & Müller guarantees the full replacement of the bike in case of theft.
Here is an overview of the services included in the three service packages

Riese & Müller Supercharger 2 – posh tourer with long rage

The Riese & Müller Supercharger was the world’s first bike with two fully-integrated Bosch PowerTube batteries. Riese & Müller sticks to the concept but provides the bike with a new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor. Once again, the Germans are raising their design and integration game by implementing a new stem concept and an integrated RX Connect module. Customers still have the choice of either a conventional rear-derailleur or a low-maintenance belt drive. Prices for the Supercharger 2 start at € 5,599 and the bike is available in a very elegant Curry-finish. We love it!

Not only does the new Riese & Müller Supercharger 2 offer plenty of battery capacity, but also inspires with its clean and straightforward design.
Also the Supercharger 2 is powered by a new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor.
The dual battery gives you a whopping 1,000 Wh capacity.
The cables and brake-lines are neatly integrated into the head tube and the inclination of the stem can be adjusted infinitely.
Rear-derailleur or belt drive? The Supercharger 2 gives you the choice
Like the other models, the Supercharger 2 is available with a RX Connect system.

Our first impression of the Riese & Müller’s new bikes

Clear lines, high-quality workmanship and a host of innovative features – German eBike manufacturer Riese & Müller still does what it has been doing until now: building great bikes! In addition to the new Delite Mountain and the Supercharger 2, the RX Connect Modulcept is one more highlight. Not only does it improve the functionality of the bike with the over-the-air updates, providing more safety thanks to a fall detector, but also paves the way for expensive eBikes to be used more efficiently in everyday life thanks to guaranteed replacement in the event of theft and digital networking. Ciao Auto, Hello eBike!

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