2020 KTM Macina Prowler Sonic – New eMTB with lots of travel and Bosch motor

KTM have embraced the 2020 Bosch Performance Line CX motor wholeheartedly. Overall, the Austrian brand has released over 50 new ebike models featuring the new motor. Leading the charge is their completely new 2020 KTM Macina Prowler Sonic.

KTM Macina Prowler Sonic | Bosch Performance Line CX / 625 Wh | 180/170 mm (f/r) | € 9,999

At first glance, the 2020 KTM Macina Prowler Sonic looks like a serious threat to the competition. The coil shock at the rear of the flagship model paired with a 180 mm fork up front hint at the bikes downhill capabilities. Thanks to the carbon fibre frame, the weight should be kept to a minimum across the range. Pricing starts at € 5,799 for the KTM Macina Prowler Master, while the flagship Sonic model will set you back by € 9,999.

KTM continue to rely on Bosch for their motors, now speccing the new, 2020 Bosch Performance Line CX. The 2020 Macina Prowler Sonic draws its electricity from the internal 625 Wh battery. Besides Bosch, the flagship model also comes with electronic SRAM motors in the wireless SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS drivetrain, which they’ve paired with the wireless Reverb AXS dropper post.

For the wheels, KTM have gone fo 29ers up front and 27.5″ wheels on the rear of all the Macina Prowler models. Dubbed DIMMIX, this combination promises to combine steering precision and good rollover characteristics with agility and playful handling.

KTM have given a lot of thought to the finer details of the frame and the integration of the Bosch motor. The speed sensor on the flagship model has been moved from the chainstay to the dropout and combined with a Shimano magnet on the brake rotor. They’ve also created a custom bracket for the Kiox display, built into the stem. It’s very compact, integrating the Kiox display nicely into the cockpit, and it is much better protected in case of a crash. However, we still don’t think the position on the stem is ideal. Besides that, KTM have also thought of commuters by including a mount for a stand in the dropout.

The builds of the 2020 KTM Macina Prowler

KTM have three Prowler Sonic models on offer. Unfortunately, the componentry spec hasn’t been finalised yet, but we’ve found out about some of the key components for you:

KTM Macina Prowler Sonic

Fork RockShox Lyrik Ultimate 180 mm
Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select+ 170 mm
Motor/Battery 2020 Bosch Performance CX 625 Wh PowerTube
Drivetrain SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
Brakes Shimano XTR 4-piston 200/200 mm
Seatpost RockShox Reverb AXS
Wheelset DT Swiss HXC 1200
Price € 9,999

KTM Macina Prowler Prestige

Fork RockShox Lyrik Select+ 180 mm
Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select+ 170 mm
Motor/Battery 2020 Bosch Performance CX 625 Wh PowerTube
Drivetrain Shimano XTR 12 speed
Brakes Shimano XTR 4-piston 200/200 mm
Price € 6,999

KTM Macina Prowler Master

Fork RockShox Lyrik Select + 180 mm
Shock RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select 170 mm
Motor/Battery 2020 Bosch Performance CX 625 Wh PowerTube
Drivetrain Shimano XTR 12 speed
Brakes Shimano 520 4-piston 200/200 mm
Price € 5,799

Further updates from KTM

Besides developing the Macina Prowler from the ground up, KTM have also updated their existing models with the new Bosch motor. The Macina Kapoho also has the DIMMIX wheel setup but less travel, offering an alternative for easier trails and trekking.

KTM Macina Kapoho Sonic | 2020 Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 160/160 mm (f/r) | € 7,499

The KTM Chacana LFC has also been given a comprehensive makeover. What’s remained is the LFC option. LFC is short for Light, Fender and Carrier, meaning the frames have all the necessary mounting points, and the € 4,299 KTM Macina Chacana LFC comes fully equipped to take on the daily commute.

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Words & Photos: Felix Stix

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