French manufacturer Moustache have always done things their own way. With a frame composed of only two parts, an innovative manufacturing process and local production, the new J ebike is no exception. But does this cast aluminium bike hold its own against the competition?

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Moustache J. all | Bosch Performance Line /625 Wh | 120/115 mm (f/r)
32.3 kg in size L | € 6,199 | Manufacturer’s website

Moustache know a thing or two about ebikes. This French manufacturer exclusively produce bikes with an electric tailwind: from high-performance eMTBs to cargo and city bikes. They even have an electric tandem in their lineup. Moustache’s latest creation is called the J and their vision was to create a full suspension, step-through ebike with sleek, clean lines. Prioritising regional production was high on their list to minimise transport distances, too. To achieve this, Moustache revived the aluminium casting process to bike manufacturing in France, creating the entire main frame from liquid aluminium that solidifies in a mould. The rear triangle, also cast, houses the motor and provides 120 mm of suspension travel. From the casting of the aluminium frame to the assembly of the finished bike, everything is done in France. According to Moustache, instead of the typical 10,000 km journey for a frame sourced from the Far East, their in-house frames only travel about 1,000 km. The Moustache J ebike comes in three versions: On, All and Off. Add the suffix “-road” and the names become more self-explanatory. The J. all SUV ebike we tested combines features from both the On and Off versions, with a rear carrier, mudguards and deep tread tires to blend all three operational scenarios. Moustache aren’t just pioneering new production methods: the J also marks the French company’s debut in allowing customers to tailor their bike to their own specifications through an online configurator. As well as choosing the colour, you can also customise the battery size, select the type of drive and choose accessories such as the rear carrier. Weighing in at 32.3 kg, the Moustache J. all is the second heaviest bike in our test after the GIANT Stormguard. You can make our test version of the Moustache ebike your own for € 6,199, while the basic version starts at € 5,199

What sets the Moustache J. all ebike apart?

The reason for the name J for the new Moustache ebike becomes clear when you look at its frame. A deep step-through gives the frame the shape of a J. Okay, you may have to squint your eyes a little. It also stands for Nouveau Jour, which means new day. Given that Moustache usually name their bikes after the days of the week, this implies that Moustache have gone further than usual in their innovation. The frame of the J ebike consists of only two parts and is kept as simple as possible. For Moustache, and the whole bike industry, the casting process is a rare manufacturing technique. The process doesn’t require multiple tubes to be welded together, so theoretically allows the end product to have fewer potentially weak points. The main frame is cast in France from aluminium. It features an internal honeycomb structure that provides exceptional warp resistance. Conveniently, mounting points for the 250 W Bosch range extender are integrated into the seat tube during casting. There is also space reserved for a water bottle on the cover of the 625 Wh battery. The more budget friendly basic version of the Moustache J comes with a smaller 500 Wh battery. The rear swing arm, with its solid single-piece design, is also cast in aluminium and is connected to the main frame only by the shock and main bearing, giving it a distinctive look. In contrast to a typical ebike, the motor is housed in the rear triangle instead of the main frame. As a result, the Bosch Performance Line motor becomes part of the unsprung mass along with the cranks and pedals. The belt drive system is completely decoupled from the kinematics, eliminating the need for a joint in the stays to install the belt. This simple system eliminates the need for a belt tensioner. To adjust the belt tension, you simply slide the rear spindle horizontally in the dropouts.

The frame is not welded from aluminium tubes. Instead, it consists of just two parts manufactured in France using a special aluminium casting process.
The Bosch Performance Line motor sits in the Moustache J’s rear swing arm, making it part of the unsprung mass. With 75 Nm, it is not quite as powerful as its CX counterpart.
The Enviolo TR hub gears with a range of 380% are perfectly adequate on the flat ground. But when you start climbing, the combination of the motor and hub gears starts to run out of steam.

In keeping with their commitment to local manufacturing, the French have equipped the J, like all their bikes, with a number of proprietary components. The most notable of these is the Magic Grip Control air shock, which is perfectly tuned to the kinematics of the rear triangle. This shock is a common sight on most Moustache bikes, and its magic carpet feel never fails to impress. Of course, you’ll also find the moustache-shaped handlebar on the SUV ebike. That’s where the name Moustache comes from. The distinctive handlebar houses the Bosch LED remote control and the twist grip for the Enviolo hub gears. The bike’s numerous cables are neatly integrated and run cleanly into the frame at the stem. The Trelock lighting system also contributes to the sleek appearance. The front light is seamlessly integrated into the stem and the rear light clearly visible on the mudguard. The alloy mudguards keep your trousers dry when you zip through a puddle. In addition to the bike’s clean look, the luggage rack immediately catches the eye. Since it’s part of the sprung mass, you can trust it to protect your aunt’s precious vase, whether it’s tucked away in the panniers or perched on the luggage rack. But don’t forget to pack light when travelling with the Moustache J. all, as its 102 kg maximum payload is the lowest of all the test bikes.

When stepping through the frame, you have to lift your foot much higher than on other bikes in the test. This is because the motor and air-shock are located below the main frame.
When the navigation is activated, the large Bosch Kiox 500 display shows schematic directions to make knowing when to turn easier.
The two-piston brakes, combined with the small 180 mm discs, require a strong pull on the lever, and offer too little braking power.
As well as being an eye-catching feature, the luggage rack is also part of the unsprung mass, ensuring that the items you carry remain undamaged.

Moustache J. all

€ 6,199


Motor Bosch Performance Line 75 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display KIOX 500
Fork SR Suntour XCR 34 120 mm
Rear Shock Moustache Magic Grip Control 115 mm
Seatpost EXAFORM 150 mm
Brakes Hydraulic 2-piston brake 180 mm
Drivetrain Enviolo TR stepless 3,8
Stem angle adjustable 120 mm
Handlebar Moustache 700 mm
Wheelset Just 27.5"
Tires Schwalbe Johnny Watts 2.6"

Technical Data

Size S M L
Weight 32.3 kg
Perm. total weight 135 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 102 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

– Trelock lights
– belt drive
– online configurator
– compatible with range extender

Size S M L
Top tube 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm
Seat tube 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm
Head tube 180mm 180mm 180mm
Head angle 66° 66° 66°
Seat angle 69.6° 69.6° 69.6°
Chainstay 515 mm 515 mm 515 mm
BB height 327 mm 327 mm 327 mm
Wheelbase 1,210 mm 1,210 mm 1,210 mm
Reach 361 mm 361 mm 361 mm
Stack 661 mm 661 mm 661 mm

What is the Moustache J. all capable of?

When you first get on the Moustache J, you’ll notice that you have to lift your foot higher than on most other step-throughs. This is due to the positioning of the motor and the suspension below the main frame. Once in the saddle, the Moustache J. all offers a riding experience reminiscent of a classic Dutch bike, with a remarkably comfortable and relaxed riding position. In classic Moustache style, the handlebar curves gently towards the rider, creating a compact feel despite the bike’s long wheelbase. The adjustable stem offers smaller riders the flexibility to tilt the handlebar closer to the saddle – perfect if the step-through eSUV is used by multiple riders. The good all-round visibility inspires confidence and encourages you to go on relaxed cruises and discovery tours. Relaxed is the key word because the Bosch Performance Line motor with 75 Nm has plenty of power, but is a little more restrained than its big brother, the Performance Line CX, which is used in the Centurion Country R3000i LX, for example. The Enviolo TR hub gear allows you to shift down at traffic lights without having to pedal. However, if you want to climb steep hills to catch the city sunset, the 380% range of the Enviolo Trekking gears might start holding you back. In combination with the large front sprocket and the less powerful motor, you will noticeably slow down on steep hills until the support finally turns off altogether due to the slow cadence. Fortunately, the walk-assist function won’t let you down, helping you over the crest to catch the last rays of sunshine. Terrain can get very steep as soon as you turn off paved roads, and if you plan on doing so, we recommend the € 800 less expensive derailleur.

The Moustache J. all has good all-round visibility, making it ideal for cruising and nature watching.

The Moustache J. all is most fun on leisurely rides over gravel roads. Here it impresses with its intuitive handling and excellent long-distance comfort.

The J. all SUV ebike, equipped with full suspension and knobby Schwalbe Johnny Watts tires, excels on narrow trails. The suspension comes to its limit as you traverse lush green forests that reflect the Moustache’s vibrant paintwork. On trails where you stand up for going downhill, the Moustache’s handling changes dramatically. The unconventional design of the rear triangle means that the rear end moves a lot, especially under load on the saddle. When you stand up, the position of the crank and motor puts most of the load on the unsprung mass of the rear end. In addition, the rider’s weight is shifted further forward and suspended more over the front, creating an imbalance. The rear end feels quite hard when standing up and does not allow for fast riding on bumpy trails. It’s best to keep to a moderate pace anyway because the twin-piston brakes, combined with the small 180 mm discs, offer limited braking power and require considerable force on the levers to slow down. Also, if you’re carrying a load, keep your hands firmly on the handlebar and avoid any Evel Knievel-style freehand manoeuvres, or the bike will start shimmying uncontrollably. The Moustache J. all is most fun on leisurely rides over gravel roads. Here it impresses with its intuitive handling and excellent long-distance comfort. For multi-day trips, the 250 Wh Bosch PowerMore range extender can be fitted to the seat tube to complement the 625 Wh internal battery. For those exploring uncharted territory, Bosch provide essential maps via the eBike Flow app for seamless route planning. When navigation is activated, the large Bosch Kiox 500 display provides schematic directions, so you never miss a turn. When you stop for a hearty lunch on the mountain, the eBike Lock function can temporarily disable the motor for added theft protection. In addition, the Bosch ConnectModule with GPS comes as standard and allows you to track your bike if necessary. It’s a nice touch because usually it’s a paid option. After the initial 12 free months, the subscription for this service costs € 4.99 per month or € 39.99 per year.

Riding the Moustache J. all on narrow paths, the suspension quickly reaches its limits. It prefers a more leisurely pace.

Tuning-tip:Choose a derailleur and use the € 800 you save on the gear hub to get a 20-year Bosch eBike Alarm subscription.

Who is the bike for?

The Moustache J. all SUV ebike really stands out thanks to its innovative aluminium casting process and local production in France. This will undoubtedly appeal to environmentally conscious ebike enthusiasts. The J-All impresses with its remarkable comfort and outstanding long-distance performance, especially on leisurely gravel rides. However, if you frequently ride in hilly terrain, you’ll want to opt for the derailleur gears for better uphill performance, which will also save you € 800. For those who have fallen in love with the Moustache J ebike but are looking for a more powerful option, the J. Off is worth considering because it overcomes many of the limitations of the J. all.

Our conclusion on the Moustache J. all

The Moustache J. all SUV ebike embodies Moustache’s vision of combining an ecological concept and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to create a versatile bike suitable for both on- and off-road adventures. On flat terrain and at a leisurely pace, this concept shines. However, when faced with more challenging terrain, the J. All’s equipment begins to show its limitations, especially the brakes and suspension. The ebike doesn’t quite live up to the All in its name, but for those seeking superior off-road performance, Moustache offer the more powerful J. Off model.


  • regionally produced ebike
  • modern design with high recognition value
  • excellent geometry and long distance comfort


  • limited range of hub gears
  • high operating force required for the brakes
  • poor suspension performance when out of the saddle

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