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Jérôme Clementz – end of season bash with good friends in Queyras, southern France

For mountain bikers, summer is one of the busiest times of the year, making it hard to gather with friends and embark on an exciting riding adventure. In the warm season, we’re all extremely busy, juggling the demands of life and coordinating work, training and races while trying to squeeze-in a relaxing beach holiday with our family. Therefore, an exciting autumn adventure in the mountains is the best way to wrap up a rad riding season!

Last autumn, former enduro racer Jérôme Clementz asked his friends Pauline Dieffenthaler, Hugo Pigeon and Damien Oton to join him on an exciting singletrack adventure in the Queyras region in the south of France, with local guide Cyril Ac’h showing them around this stunning area! The aim and purpose of this trip was to ride as many trails as possible, enjoy the breath-taking views and spend some quality time with good friends while leaving behind the stresses of day-to-day life.

During this trip, Jerome and his troupe also helped local riders maintain the trails – a project backed by the local council of Guillestrois-Queyras. Needless to say, all user groups have an influence on our trails and it’s crucial that we all do our fair share of maintenance work to make mountain biking sustainable – there’s no way around it if we want to keep using our trails in the long run! And remember, enjoy and respect the trails!

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: various