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Hype This – Never get lost again

So, you’ve (re)discovered your adventurous spirit? In that case, we’ve picked out 8 gadgets that will help you on your journey into the unknown. While they aren’t all suitable for a polar expedition, some of them are made just for that. They’re cool gadgets to have either way.

Vasco Translator 4

Who doesn’t want to speak more than 100 languages and be able to communicate all over the world? With the Vasco Translator 4, you can get a lot closer to realising this dream. The pocket computer works like a live translator and instantly turns you into a language expert – whether in live conversations, social media chats or when reading traffic signs and menus. The highlight of the Vasco Translator 4 is that it comes with a permanently installed data SIM, which is said to work in 200 countries around the globe. At no additional cost, mind you! That’s a good thing, since live translation won’t yet work without an internet connection in 2023. As such, you won’t need a mobile phone or an app to be able to “speak” 76 languages or translate texts into 90 languages on-the-fly. You can even photograph text and see the translation on the 5″ screen just moments later. The price? € 389 – a lot more affordable than most smartphones. And at 134 g, it’s pleasantly light, too. There are 5 colours to choose from, and you can use the translator in the jungle, if necessary, thanks to its splash-proof housing.

Price: € 389
Weight: 134 g
Screen: 5“
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Beeline Velo 2

You could be led to believe that you can do (almost) nothing on your bike without navigation. But do you really need a bulky device with a thousand different functions? According to Beeline, there’s a much more discreet and minimalistic solution. The Velo 2 is a minimalist bike computer with a navigation function, though it depends on the GPS signal of your smartphone. The route planning and export function also works exclusively with the corresponding app, including pre-planned GPX tracks from Komoot, Strava etc. So, it’s useless without a smartphone. But honestly, who doesn’t carry their smartphone anyway? In return, the small bike computer weighs just 25 g and hardly takes up any space on the handlebar or in your pocket, measuring merely 4.7 cm in diameter. The brightness of the IPS display automatically adjusts to the ambient light, and dust and water shouldn’t have a chance. The battery is said to be good for up to 20 hours of navigation, and charging takes place via USB-C. Beeline ask € 109.99 for this nifty little device.

Price: € 109.99
Size: 46.4 mm (diameter), 17.3 mm (height)
Weight: 25 g
Battery life: up to 20 hours
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Sure, a real adventurer like Nathan Drake will put together their own survival kit. But as so often in life, starting from scratch is hard. With the SEVENTY2 PRO SURVIVAL SYSTEM from Uncharted, you’ll have everything you need for your first survival attempts – perfectly organised in a waterproof and robust 36 litre backpack that’s easy to carry, according to the manufacturer. The dual-coated 600 denier tarpaulin and roll-top closure should provide maximum protection from the elements while still providing easy access to the bag’s contents. Inside the bag is a sturdy canvas insert, which doubles as a splint with the help of two solid plastic plates. In case your adrenaline levels spike and you forget all your first-response training, you’ll find the most important instructions printed directly on the back of the backpack. With this pack, you can rest assured that you’re well-equipped to deal with any situation. We hope you’ll never need it!

Price: $ 589
Contents: 60 survival tools
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Adventure Watch – that’s what COROS call their latest offshoot of GPS watches. And the VERTIX 2 definitely sounds like an adventure, capable of communicating with 5 (five!) satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and BeiDou) at once while also offering dual-frequency satellite communication. So, you’ve got no excuse to get lost on your next expedition. The free maps certainly also help. You get a global landscape map pre-installed, while regional topo maps are available for download on the COROS website. The Adventure Watch gets operated via the crown, side buttons, and 1.4″ touchscreen. And if the adventure only consists of your local jogging loop, the VERTIX 2 plays just as nicely here, though it will probably be somewhat underwhelmed 😉 Thanks to 32 GB of internal memory, you can also store enough music for longer distances.

Price: € 699.99
Screen: 1.4″
Battery life: 140 h in GPS mode
Weight: 89 g
More information:

Suunto MB-6 Global

No reception, battery empty? Then you’ll have to go analogue. For experienced adventurers, there’s no question about it: You just don’t go on expeditions without a high-quality compass. Technical purists also love the simplicity of a good old compass. Digital detox at its best! The Suunto MB-6 Global is the workhorse among high-end compasses: functional and high-quality yet affordable. Its globally balanced needle and jewel bearing ensures exact measurements in both hemispheres, without you having to change anything on the compass itself. Thanks to the decoupled needle magnet, you can tilt the compass by up to 20° for better readability. At night, the glow-in-the-dark markings facilitate easy reading. The declination correction allows you to compensate for the difference between the magnetic and geographical North Pole – in case you head for the arctic. You’ll also find an inclinometer or clinometer on the compass, which is only about the size of a matchbox. And at just 57 g, you won’t feel it in your pocket either. No batteries needed.

Price: € 99
Features: globally balanced, declination correction, inclinometer
Weight: 57 g
More information:

The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World

Discover the hidden corners of the world from the comfort of your sofa? With the 16th edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World, you can get your exploration fix in front of a crackling fireplace while virtually immersing yourself in your next adventure. However, you will have to be a little patient. This unique piece of work won’t be available until 14 September 2023. But the reviews are already in, and the praise couldn’t be higher, calling it the “greatest book in the world” and that “no household that is curious about the world in which we live can afford to be without it.” With a height of just under 46 cm and a width of almost 32 cm, the 528 page atlas certainly makes a big impression before you even take a look inside. The maps are said to have been completely updated, containing over 200,000 place names. It also covers current topics such as migration, health and resources. If you want it on your shelf, you’ll have to invest € 175 – sounds like a bargain.

Price: € 174.99
Contents: our world
More information:

Garmin GPSMAP 67i

Discover new territories while staying connected with your loved ones at home: this is what the navigation specialists Garmin promise with the GPSMAP 67i. The handheld GPS features Garmin’s typical design with a stubby antenna, combining state-of-the-art tech with classic functions. During full-on adventure use, the physical buttons are far superior to a touchscreen. And the GPSMAP 67i is definitely made for full-on adventures: The case is shock resistant, waterproof, and withstands a very wide temperature range, in accordance with MIL-STD-810 specs. The handset communicates with up to three satellite systems (GPS, Galileo and QZSS) and uses multi-band frequencies for fast satellite location and stable reception. In general, the device places a premium on reception. Even without a mobile network, you can always share your location, send messages or – hopefully you won’t have to test this – make an emergency call using the SOS button. Even in the most remote corners of our planet – thanks to the Garmin InReach technology. The 67i communicates with the Iridium satellite network, assuming you’ve got a corresponding data contract with Garmin. The treasure hunters among you can download high-resolution satellite images onto the device via Wi-Fi and check the target destination for abnormalities that may be an indicator of something to discover. Given the extensive range of functions, the € 650 price point for this multi-talented GPS sounds very fair.

Price: € 649.99
Weight: 230 g (incl. batteries)
Display: 1.5 x 2.5″
More information:

Zoffoli Afrodite Globe Bar

Unless you’re Christopher Columbus, you’re unlikely to take this exclusive piece with you on expeditions. That said, the large Afrodite globe bar from Zoffoli is for the adventurous amongst us, nonetheless. Can there be a more stylish way to plan your next adventure than with a good single malt from this piece of Italian craftsmanship covered in 22 carat gold leaf? Although the map isn’t the most up to date, the globe as it stood in the 16th century – the age of explorers such as Christopher Columbus or Vasco di Gama – is no less exciting and inspiring than the present. With its textured surface made of mahogany stained tulipwood, the Afrodite globe bar exudes timeless elegance and attests to your exclusive taste and love for the beautiful things in life. According to the manufacturer, the globe bar “is also perfect as a gift idea to leave an outstanding impression and not go unnoticed.” There’s no doubt about it! For € 2,200 you’ll be the centre of attention at every birthday party.

Price: € 2,196
Globe diameter: 60 cm
Weight: doesn’t matter
More information:

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Words: Patrick Gruber Photos: Manufacturer