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Hans Rey and Brett Tippie – Two mountain bike veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area

In “Slay the Bay”, the leading roles are played by trials legend Hans “no way” Rey and freeride pioneer Brett Tippie. Together, they ride through the San Francisco Bay Area, meeting a wide variety of characters from different generations of mountain bike history, all of them flaunting a different set of skills.

“Slay The Bay” is Hans Rey’s latest destination on his urban mountain bike adventure. He’s joined by freeride pioneer Brett Tippie on a 5-day traverse of the San Francisco Bay Area. On the first stage in Marin County, they ride the famous Repack Downhill with some of the original mountain bikers. Riding so-called klunkers, Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey laid the foundation for today’s mountain bikes, welding frames and founding their own brands way back then. However, the last day of their journey brings them back to the present where they’re joined by current Junior Downhill World Champion Jackson Goldstone. On the remaining days, they ride some of the best trails in the area, exploring famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the colourful neighbourhoods of the hip(pie) city on the west coast of the USA. Aboard their mountain bikes and ebikes, they explore the Bay Area’s culture, history and stunning natural landscape that surrounds the concrete jungle.

Shot in razor-sharp 4K resolution, this 32-minute adventure and travel documentary shows how far mountain biking has come. It looks back at its history by going to the origin, and it sees where things are now with some action from the youngsters who are shaping things to come. Sit back, grab some popcorn and a drink and let the footage speak for itself.

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Carmen Rey, Kyle Emery-Peck