Pivot Shuttle – Powerful uphill as well as down. It’s quiet, elegant and outrageously expensive. A combination which two years ago would have been associated with everything but e-bikes. Read on and find out why the name Shuttle is a massive understatement.

At the moment, bike brands are busy presenting new models wherever we look. This doesn’t only present us with more choice than we’ve ever had before, it also helps to separate the wheat from the chaff. Pivot, the exclusive American brand, wants the new Shuttle to set the bar in terms of quality and range of application.

Pivot Shuttle
Pivot Shuttle | 150 mm/140 mm (front/rear) | Shimano E-8000 | 19.95 kg | €9,999

The frame of the Pivot Shuttle in detail

The frame of the Pivot Shuttle oozes elegance. One could almost regard its curves as a work of art. And yet, each line and every curvature performs a function, creating space for 3.0″ plus tires for instance, or giving the frame its enormous stiffness. Unlike most integrated battery systems, Pivot integrates the external Shimano battery into the frame. The battery is encased in foam and held in place by eight 4 mm hex screws inside the bottom of the downtube.

Pivot Shuttle
Integrating the battery in this way gives the shuttle its unique look and places the centre of gravity as low as possible.

As would be expected for a bike in this price range all cables and hoses are routed internally. Protecting cables and hoses from grit, grime and rocks. Speaking of which, when it comes to protection, Pivot has not spared any hassle, placing rubber grommets around the charging socket, the battery charge indicator and the on/off switch to protect these from dirt and grime as well. In addition, there is a bash guard on the underside of the Pivot Shuttle, in case of ever contacting the ground or rocks being shot up by the front wheel. The DW-Link suspension is truly unique, the special arrangement of rockers meant to eliminate pedal bob and increasing efficiency, all while keeping the suspension plush and active. In addition, it provides increased stiffness and looks damn good too.

Pivot Shuttle
The rubber grommet around the on/off switch…
Pivot Shuttle
…and the charging socket, keeping the sensitive bits free of dust, dirt and water.
Pivot Shuttle
Pivot’s DW-Link suspension can now also be found on the new Pivot Shuttle.
Pivot Shuttle
Whether for extra tire clearance…
Pivot Shuttle
…or indentations for the rocker arm: every detail serves a purpose!
Pivot Shuttle
That extra bit of protection: not only the chain stays are heavily padded…
Pivot Shuttle
…so too is the down tube and bottom bracket.

The components of the Pivot Shuttle in detail

To justify the 9,999 € price tag, one needs to look beyond the elaborate details of the frame, to the components. Pivot has not held back on the Shuttle speccing it with top of the range FOX suspension consisting of the 150 mm FOX Float 36 Factory fork, and the FOX Float Factory DPX2 shock providing the rear with 140 mm of plush travel. Due to the increased weight of e-mountain bikes, the damper is designed to be more progressive than with regular mountain bikes. The brakes, however, might be a bit in over their heads on the Shuttle: Shimano XT with 180 mm disks – we would have expected better breaks or bigger rotors at least. The Shimano E8000 motor with its 500 Wh battery ensures reliable and powerful performance. Taking a look at the wheels is where things get interesting, as Pivot uses special super-boost wheels from DT Swiss with a hub width of 157 mm at the rear. Apparently, these provide 30% more stiffness compared to conventional boost wheels. The supplied Maxxis tires come with the new Silk-Shield technology, which was developed in cooperation with Pivot. This new rubber compound is supposed to make the tires lighter and at least as robust as the current downhill tires from MAXXIS. On the front, however, we would have liked to see a more aggressive tire than the Rekon it came with – a Minion DHR II would have been a better choice!

Fork: FOX Float 36 Factory 150 mm
Rear shock: FOX Float Factory DPX2 140 mm
Drivetrain: Shimano XT Di2
Brakes: Shimano XT
Handlebar: Phoenix Team Carbon 760 mm
Stem: Phoenix Team Enduro
Seatpost: FOX Transfer Performance Elite
Wheels: DT Swiss EB1550 (PIVOT Custom)
Tires: MAXXIS Rekon+ 27,5″

Pivot Shuttle
The Dream Team! The FOX Float DPX2 shock…
Pivot Shuttle
…and the FOX Float 36 FACTORY fork perform flawlessly.
Pivot Shuttle
The FOX Transfer Performance Elite seat post for the many ups and downs ahead.
Pivot Shuttle
Not only the DT Swiss EB1550 are custom-made for the shuttle.
Pivot Shuttle
The MAXXIS Rekon 2.8 ” with the new Silk-Shield technology.
Pivot Shuttle
Shimano XT Di2: As it should for an e-mountain bike, of course, shifting happens electronically!

The geometry of the Pivot Shuttle in detail

Pivot Shuttle goes Enduro! Need we say more. For those who don’t know, let’s just say that the Pivot has a long and flat geometry. In other words: a 66 ° head angle to keep everything under control on steep terrain, 437 mm short chain stays for manoeuvrability and a long main frame with a reach of 465mm (size L) for stability at speed. A 74 ° seat tube angle provides an upright position for going back uphill. The 348 mm bottom bracket height provides sufficient room for both technical uphills and rocky downhills so as not to rely on the integrated bash guard.

Size S M L XL
Seat tube 394 mm 425 mm 457 mm 493 mm
Top tube 598 mm 620 mm 643 mm 671 mm
Head tube 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm
Head angle 65.8° 65.8° 65.8° 65.8°
Seat angle 74° 74° 74° 74°
CHainstay 437 mm 437 mm 437 mm 437 mm
BB Height 348 mm 348 mm 348 mm 348 mm
Wheelbase 1184 mm 1208 mm 1232 mm 1261 mm
Reach 425 mm 445 mm 465 mm 490 mm
Stack 603 mm 612 mm 621 mm 630 mm

The Pivot Shuttle in action

As the name of the Pivot implies, it will first take you up the mountain. And the Shuttle stays true to its name, providing heaps of fun up asphalt and forest roads, as well as on technical climbs! Due to the steep seat angle of 74 ° you sit upright and centred, feeling composed in every situation. Not least of all thanks to the wide 2.8 ” tires and the sophisticated DW-Link kinematics. It seems as if the Shuttle literally claws to the ground, which it has to if it’s to keep up with the Shimano E8000 which will push on relentlessly if you let it. Thanks to the motors’ almost complete integration in the frame, the E8000 STEPS stays amazingly quiet even in boost mode. While out riding in alpine terrain, the 11-46 XT cassette was fully sufficient. When things get rough, the Shuttle’s weight and short chain stays truly shine, as it lets itself be manoeuvred over rocks and roots with ease.

Pivot Shuttle
Uphill or down, the Pivot Shuttle knows no limits!

Heading back down into the valley, the Pivot shows what it can do! Here, the super-stiff carbon frame is particularly worth mentioning. Especially at high speeds, the shuttle is unrivalled accuracy and precision. An attribute, which is very noticeable in turns. Whether it’s tight berms or long open turns, leading you to the next trail. Due to the central riding position on the Shuttle and the low centre of gravity, you never feel out of control, the Shuttle daring you to push even harder. This is where the 40 mm rims are a blessing, keeping the tires securely in place even when running low pressures. The Shuttle’s high-end suspension works reliably well and inspires the rider with confidence. Ultimately, the only thing we missed on the Shuttle was more powerful brakes to helps us slow down easier even when our arms were exhausted. For those who mostly ride on soft ground or in muddy conditions, we would recommend fitting tires with a more aggressive profile.

Pivot Shuttle
No matter how fast and challenging the descent, the Shuttle remains composed.
Pivot Shuttle
On the contrary, it invites you to play and let go of the breaks!

Pricing and Availability

The Pivot Shuttle is ready to order from all Pivot shops, but unfortunately, it is only available in size M and L in limited quantities. All 4 sizes of the shuttle will be available from October. For the time being the Pivot Shuttle will only be available with the build kit shown here for 9,999 €.

Our conclusion to the Pivot Shuttle

Thanks to the potent DW-Link suspension, modern geometry and well-chosen components, the new Pivot Shuttle will take you to your limits as a rider way before the bike reaches its own. If you have 10,000 € lying around for your next e-mountain bike and you are looking for a non-stop fun machine built to the highest quality standards, we believe you will be more than satisfied with the Pivot Shuttle!

For more information head to pivotcycles.com

Pivot Shuttle

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Words: Photos: Stephan Peters, Valentin Rühl