The CENTURION Country models have consistently been crowned Best Buys and test winners in our trekking and step-through bike group tests. The new CENTURION Country R3000i LX now comes with the Bosch Smart System and a host of intelligent features. Can it continue the winning streak of its siblings?

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Centurion Country R3000i LX | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 120/105 mm (f/r)
29.4 kg in size L | € 5,599 | Manufacturer’s website

CENTURION recognised the potential of step-through bikes early on. Back in 2018, the CENTURION E-Fire Country F3500 impressed with its well-developed concept and was the test winner in our big off-road step-through bike group test in 2020. A year later, its successor, the Country R2600i, and still a hardtail at the time, was named Best Buy in our trekking bike group test. The new full-suspension CENTURION Country R3000i LX is the current top-of-the-range step-through ebike in the German company’s portfolio. The engineers have drawn on their extensive experience in the MTB sector, even using the same dropout as on the No Pogo eMTB. At € 5,599, the CENTURION Country R3000i LX is the second cheapest bike in our test group, with only the CONWAY CAIRON SUV FS 7.7 Limited Edition being more affordable. The R3000i LX comes equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a 625 Wh battery. Available in sizes S–XL, the aluminium frame weighs in at 29.4 kg in size L, which is slightly below the average weight of the test field.

What sets the CENTURION R3000i LX ebike apart?

The CENTURION Country R3000i LX is the Porsche of step-through bikes. The aluminium frame speaks an elegant yet powerful design language, boasting clean edges and lines. The bike has the classic CENTURION DNA. Many of the proprietary components, such as the chainring and crank, are finished in silver to contrast beautifully with the black paint. The typical CENTURION motor cover with radiator grille allows the Bosch Performance Line CX motor to merge with the frame. Gold lettering adds to the R3000i LX’s classy appearance, and the brand emblem boldly adorns the front. For an even cleaner look, the air shock has been neatly tucked away in the seat dome, making it almost invisible from the side. However, this design choice can make accessing and adjusting the shock a little tricky. Its clean look also extends to the front, where the numerous cables are neatly bundled in front of the cockpit and disappear seamlessly into the frame at the angle-adjustable stem. The CENTURION Country R3000i LX is an example of how integration and functionality can coexist harmoniously. The shiny cover on the head tube both looks smart and houses mounting points for the bottle cage and range extender. The range extender can be plugged directly into the charging port on the down tube – clever! When the range extender is disconnected, the 625 Wh battery can be charged via the easily accessible charging port located directly under the stem. If you need to charge the battery in a location without a dedicated charging facility, removing the battery from the down tube is a breeze. You just need a key for this because both the battery cover and the battery itself are fitted with convenient straps.

The strap allows the 625 Wh battery to be removed from the top tube without having to bend down. The battery is secured against theft by a lock.
A perfect innovation: The charging port is positioned conveniently high, making it easy to reach without bending down. Plus, the range extender can be easily plugged in and attached to either the head tube or the optional front rack.
The air shock is hidden behind the seat tube, which makes for a clean look. Unfortunately, it also makes accessing the shock and adjusting it more difficult.

With the R3000i LX, CENTURION also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to its full equipment. The proprietary luggage rack is designed to accommodate side panniers and has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. If more storage space is required, a front rack is also available from the CENTURION accessories shop for € 100 and a matching pannier bag with simple Velcro fastening for € 90. The attachment points for the front rack, as well as those for the bottle cage and range extender, are discreetly concealed under the cover on the head tube. When the front rack is fitted, the bottle and range extender are attached directly to the rack. If you still have some permissible payload left, you can also attach a trailer to the CENTURION. The solid aluminium mudguards will keep you and your luggage dry, at least from underneath, but when it starts to pour down you can only rely on the right clothes ;). For those night rides, the Lezyne Power E115 with integrated high beam provides excellent visibility. In addition, the integrated rear light on the luggage rack ensures that other road users can easily see you from behind.

Tuning-Tipp: If you travel light, choose the front carrier and the handy pannier with Velcro fastener.

The low step-through entry, combined with the dropper post, make getting on and off the bike very comfortable. It also makes it easier to place your feet on the ground at traffic lights.
When the front rack is not in use, the stylish cover with the CENTURION emblem hides the attachment points for the range extender, bottle cage and front rack.

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor not only integrates seamlessly into the frame but also provides 85 Nm torque to help you climb steep hills with ease.

The Shimano DEORE four-piston brakes with 200 mm discs on the CENTURION Country R3000i LX offer just as much braking power as the more expensive XT brakes. The only thing missing is tool-free reach adjustment.

Centurion Country R3000i LX

€ 5,599


Motor Bosch Performance Line CX 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display KIOX 300
Fork SR Suntour Mobie35 120 mm
Rear Shock SR Suntour Edge+ R 105 mm
Seatpost Procraft Drop Pro 100 – 170 mm
Brakes Shimano DEORE BR-M6120 203 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT Linkglide 1x11
Stem Procraft Adjustable Deluxe AICR 90 mm
Handlebar Procraft Riser Pro 720 mm
Wheelset Procraft MD25 27.5"
Tires Continental Ruban 2.3"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 29.4 kg
Perm. total weight 150 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 120 kg
Trailer approval yes
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

Lezyne lights
optional front rack
compatible with range extender
adjustable stem

Size S M L XL
Top tube 576 mm 597 mm 617 mm 638 mm
Seat tube 410 mm 430 mm 460 mm 500 mm
Head tube 150 mm 170 mm 190 mm 210 mm
Head angle 67.6° 67.7° 67.8° 67.9°
Seat angle 75° 75° 75° 75°
Chainstay 480 mm 480 mm 480 mm 480 mm
BB Drop 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Wheelbase 1,180 mm 1,202 mm 1,224 mm 1,345 mm
Reach 402 mm 417 mm 433 mm 448 mm
Stack 652 mm 671 mm 690 mm 709 mm

What is the CENTURION Country R3000i LX ebike capable of?

Mounting the CENTURION Country R3000i LX ebike is child’s play thanks to the lowest step-through entry of all the bikes in the test and the convenient dropper post. As soon as you get into the saddle, you’ll feel at ease. The combination of a long head tube, short reach and low bottom bracket creates an incredibly integrated and comfortable riding position. You can relax as you glide through scenic landscapes and almost forget you’ve been in the saddle for hours. The sense of safety provided by the high front and the intuitive handling will inspire you to venture into the world beyond paved roads. Of all the step-through models in the test, only the CONWAY CAIRON has a more composed handling. Even beginners will find it easy to navigate corners precisely and effortlessly on the CENTURION Country R3000i LX. The powerful Shimano DEORE four-piston brakes are equipped with large 200 mm brake discs at the front and rear to provide exceptional braking performance. The DEORE brakes are on par with the XT brakes of the CONWAY CAIRON SUV FS 7.7. The only missing feature is tool-free reach adjustment. The low bottom bracket of the CENTURION means that you have to be careful with the pedal timing, especially on uneven ground, to avoid getting stuck on roots or stones. The SR Suntour suspension provides a comfortable ride with 120 mm of travel at the front and 105 mm at the rear. The rear suspension in particular is very responsive and adept at absorbing bumps. This means you always have plenty of traction on loose terrain and, combined with the Bosch Performance Line CX and its 85 Nm, a motor with a lot of oomph. If you come to a standstill on a steep incline, the CENTURION will get you climbing again effortlessly. Thanks to the wide range Shimano DEORE XT LINKGLIDE drivetrain, designed for durability and smooth shifting, you can tackle any climb, especially when using the powerful Turbo mode. However, the Turbo mode is direct, and may require a light touch to prevent the front of the bike from rising. For a less aggressive experience, the Tour+ or eMTB modes are more suitable for beginners because they adapt their assistance to the riding situation, eliminating the need to switch between modes while riding.

With its relaxed and comfortable seating position, the R3000i LX lets you cruise for hours without having to book a chiropractor’s appointment.

The CENTURION R3000i LX not only combines stylish design and high functionality, but also on- and off-road performance.

Even on narrow paths over hill and dale, the CENTURION performs well thanks to its intuitive handling and high sense of safety.

The Bosch Smart System in the CENTURION Country R3000i LX ebike both provides powerful support and comes with clever connectivity features such as the comprehensive Bosch eBike Flow app. You just plan routes with the app, and the Bosch Kiox 300 display in front of the stem shows you schematic turn-by-turn directions. When stopping for a quick lunch break, you can disable the e-SUV’s motor functions with the eBike Lock. While this adds an extra layer of security against theft, it’s important to note that it doesn’t replace a traditional lock, so we always recommend using one – better safe than sorry! You’ll notice the excellent build quality of the CENTURION Country R3000i LX ebike in its appearance but also in its everyday use.The SUV ebike runs quietly and its bolt-on components stay quiet even on bumpy terrain. The only drawback is that it is better to keep your hands on the handlebar when carrying a load. Otherwise, the front of the bike will start to shimmy at high speeds.

Who should take a closer look at the CENTURION Country R3000i LX SUV ebike?

The CENTURION Country R3000i LX excels off the beaten track, whether exploring or cruising at a leisurely pace, making it attractive to a wide range of riders. It strikes the perfect balance between stylish design and functionality.

Our conclusion on the CENTURION Country R3000i LX

The CENTURION Country R3000i LX shows almost no weaknesses and scores with a wide range of uses. Whether riding over hills and dales or more leisurely on gravel roads, this SUV ebike convinces with a high sense of safety, and intuitive handling. Only the occasional pedal strike caused by the low bottom bracket requires a bit of caution. The bike also combines a classy look with good functionality. The R3000i LX proves to be a worthy successor to its hardtail counterpart, yet narrowly misses out on our Best Buy tip!


  • refined and high quality finish
  • solid full equipment kit and well-chosen components
  • wide range of applications
  • perfect combination of design and functionality
  • high sense of safety


  • low bottom bracket causes pedal strikes
  • handlebar shimmy under heavy load

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The test field

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Words: Mike Hunger Photos: Jan Richter, Robin Schmitt

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