2020 Bosch: Cargo line, Performance Cruise and Speed motors & a new Lock function

Besides the hotly anticipated new Bosch Performance Line CX motor, Bosch also presented some other new products for 2020. In this article we’ve summarized the most exciting news.

We have already covered the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 drive unit for demanding e-bikers, a detailed test report with all the information can be found here. For the model year 2020, the slightly more moderate Performance Line has been reworked as well. In terms of power, the Bosch Performance Line 2020 motor is positioned directly below the Performance Line CX motor and is available in two versions: as Drive Unit Performance Cruise version with a support up to 25 km/h or as Drive Unit Performance Speed version that supports up to 45 km/h.

2020 Bosch Drive Unit Performance Cruise – a little smaller and a little bit more powerful

Designed for recreational riders as well as commuters, the 2020 Bosch Performance Cruise offers a maximum torque output of 65 Nm and up to 300 % support. The previous model of the Performance Line Cruise only provides up to 275 % support, making the 2020 model somewhat more powerful. The big news is that eMTB mode has trickled down from the CX motor and is now also available on the Performance Line: the motor’s progressive assistance automatically adapts to your riding style without having to change the mode. This is an exciting feature, especially when you consider that the Performance Line motor could be an option for the electric road bike segment, instead of the Bosch Active Line Plus some brands currently rely on, as the Mustache Dimanche 28 reviewed in our sister magazine GRAN FONDO. For our latest electric road bike group test (available July 2019 on the GRAN FONDO app) we missed having an eMTB mode on the models equipped with a Bosch motor. It is all the more gratifying to see that this will probably be available in the foreseeable future!

Visually, you’ll notice the 2020 Bosch Performance Cruise has also slimmed down. Compared to the new CX motor, however, the bottom bracket is further in the centre – they haven’t made room for more compact and modern geometries as they have done for mountain bikes with the CX motor.

2020 Bosch Drive Unit Performance Speed – the 45 km/h rocket

It’s evident on the first glance, that the Bosch Drive Unit Performance Speed is based on the new Performance CX motor. The Performance Speed is made for S-Pedelecs and supports up to 45 km/h. The high-performance motor offers a maximum torque output of 75 Nm and provides up to 340 % support – just like the CX motor. The more powerful motor is necessary to reach the 45 km/h limit. The faster you ride, the greater the support of the motor is. The 2020 Bosch Drive Unit Performance Speed is ideal for commuters who want to cover long distances quickly and comfortably.

Bosch eBike Systems presents the new Cargo Line

Whether Hamburg, Copenhagen or Berlin – you’ll spot them more and more frequently: electric cargo bikes are a big new trend, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in inner-city traffic. They’re being used both for private and commercial purposes. Nearly 40,000 electric cargo bikes were sold in 2018 in Germany alone, which corresponds to a growth rate of around 80 % compared to the previous year. Various studies and pilot projects confirm the potential of this mode of transport. Anyone using a cargo bike to travel 20 kilometres a day in city traffic instead of a small car will save around 800 kilograms of CO2 a year, according to the VCD’s calculations. A study done by the Polytechnic University of Milan has shown that three electric cargo bikes could replace one van for the daily transport of goods in inner cities. This proves that cargo bikes offer many advantages as a method of transport in the city – they are practical and space-saving, enabling fast, clean mobility. Which is exactly why Bosch now offer a specific product range consisting of two powerful models.

Bosch Drive Unit Cargo (25 km/h) and Bosch Cargo Speed (45 km/h)

The new Bosch Cargo Line is specifically designed for electric cargo bikes with a gross vehicle weight limit of up to 250 kilograms. Offering a maximum torque output of 75 Nm and up to 400 % support, this powerful motor makes riding with a load that much easier. The motor makes use of its full power even when pedalling at a slow cadence, which should be noticeable especially when starting from a standstill at traffic lights or on an incline. Several sensors and high-precision controls promise to ensure that the assistance of the motor always adapts to the weight of your payload and thereby conveys a lot of rider safety. The motor is available in two versions: one that supports up to 25 km/h or the Cargo Line Speed for S-Pedelecs going up to 45 km/h. Just like the 2020 Bosch Performance CX motor, the Bosch Cargo Line motors weigh only 2.9 kg thanks to their magnesium housing.

A plus for long-distance use: with the DualBattery 1250, cargo cyclists can now go even longer: by paring two PowerTubes 625 you’ve got double the capacity, offering 1,250 Wh of energy. This makes the Cargo Line Speed an ideal solution for urban deliveries and for low-noise, sustainable inner-city traffic.

The Bosch Kiox display receives a Lock function

You make a quick stop at the bakery and lean your bike against the wall without locking it: for bicycle thieves, these few careless seconds are all they need. According to police crime statistics, about 800 bicycles are stolen in Germany every day. This is particularly annoying with an expensive ebike, making it all the more important to take appropriate anti-theft measures. A mechanical lock is indispensable, but with the new premium Lock function, Bosch eBike Systems now offer ebikers additional digital protection: thanks to this function, the motor is deactivated as soon as you remove the display. Lock is available for the 2020 models at a cost of € 9.99 and is now available with the Kiox display. The only way to release the electronic lock is by attaching the same Kiox display.

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Words & Photos: Bosch PR