Function and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive is likely what Advanced’s designers had in mind when they created the incredibly stylish Trekking Pro FS Wave full-suspension step-through bike, priced at € 5,499. This SUV ebike is designed for off-road performance, but it also has the stylish looks to shine in any urban environment. We tested it for you both on- and off-road.

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ADVANCED Trekking Pro FS Wave | Bosch Performance Line CX/625 Wh | 120/120 mm (f/r)
32.1 kg in size M | € 5,499 | Manufacturer’s website

At Advanced, progressive thinking is already implied in the company name. The Frankfurt-based ebike brand are known for their city and trekking ebikes that set new standards within the industry. Most recently, they caused a stir with the RECO step-through model, a city bike with a composite injection moulded frame that can be produced in minutes. Advanced have also established themselves in the gravel and sporty e-mountain bike segment. With the Trekking Pro FS Wave, they have added an SUV ebike to their range, bridging the gap between urban mobility and off-road adventure.
The full-suspension, off-road step-through bike starts at a base price of € 4,799, while our top-of-the-range test bike comes with a price tag of € 5,499. Our alloy ebike features 29″ wheels, 120 mm front and rear suspension travel, and a Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor with a 625 Wh battery. For an additional € 200 you can opt for a 750 Wh battery, available for all frame sizes from S to XL. With the smaller battery, our pre-production M-sized test bike weighed in at 32.1 kg, making it one of the heaviest SUV ebikes in our test – the actual production models may differ from our prototype by a few grams.

That’s hot – What sets the Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave apart?

In the timeless words of the incomparable Paris Hilton: “That’s hot.” With the Trekking Pro FS Wave, the Advanced team have succeeded in designing a versatile SUV ebike that hides its functionality behind good looks. The aluminium frame has clean, well-defined lines and is virtually free of any superfluous elements that might detract from its streamlined aesthetics. In the production version of the bike, however, there may be some variations because a charging port opening above the bottom bracket and water bottle holder mounts on either side of the head tube are going to be added. Aside from a few unsightly welds, the Advanced ebike exudes a remarkable sense of cohesion, more akin to the solid and clean designs of Prague’s cubist architectural masterpieces than the jagged skyline of its home city of Frankfurt. Cables and wires in front of the cockpit are meticulously routed through the stem and integrated into the frame.
When viewed from the drive side, the Bosch Performance Line CX motor cover blends perfectly into the frame, but on the opposite side, the motor is more prominent and doesn’t integrate as harmoniously into the silhouette. Still, the plastic cover for the removable battery matches the colour of the frame, ensuring a consistent look. It’s held in place by a small knurled thumb screw, which will be replaced in the production version by a slightly larger, more user-friendly one.

Watch out for dark soles! The Advanced’s low step-through is also suitable for the less agile riders. Just be careful not to leave dark marks on the dirt-sensitive battery cover.
The 625 Wh battery is easily removed from the top of the down tube. The cover can be opened without tools using a knurled screw, but the battery itself must be unlocked with a key. The opening is large enough to fit a 750 Wh battery into the down tube.
More “The Four Musketeers” than “2 Fast 2 Furious”: While at the front you have a four-piston brake, there are only two pistons at the rear, resulting in limited braking power and requiring more force to operate.

Advanced’s most impressive feat of integration is the rear triangle with 120 mm travel. The SR Suntour EDGE rear shock disappears discreetly into the seat tube, controlled by an elaborately designed rocker that resembles a graduation piece of an origami course. The rocker sits snugly against the rectangular seat dome and blends seamlessly with the equally rectangular and spacious low step-through. Picasso and Braque would surely appreciate the cubist aesthetic of this SUV ebike.

Let’s play hide and seek: The rear shock is well integrated into the frame and almost invisible from the side. However, you will need to spend some time on the initial setup because it is difficult to read the sag on the shock.
The Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System motor has never let us down in high-performance eMTBs. But it also cuts a fine figure on a more relaxed cruiser like the Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave.
The Vario seatpost with 125 mm travel makes for comfortable mounting and lets you easily place your legs on the ground at traffic lights and stop signs. A real comfort killer, however, is the sporty Selle Italia saddle on our test bike. Hopefully it will be replaced in production as only Tour de France riders can sit comfortably on it.
The suspension elements are supplied by SR Suntour. The air suspension provides 120 mm of travel (front and rear) and ensures a comfortable ride in the city. However, the rear suspension is a little too firm for wild off-road action.

In certain areas however, the sophisticated design compromises handling and functionality. You can’t see the sag indicator well, so the air pressure of the integrated shock can only be fine-tuned by trial and error. And it’s important to tune it because the correct air pressure is essential for optimal handling. If a family or flatmates decide to share the bike, all riders should accompany the purchase at the dealership to learn their individual air pressure settings. Luckily, you can quickly adjust your riding position thanks to the angle-adjustable stem and 125 mm dropper post.

Best in the business: Shimano’s Deore XT LINKGLIDE drivetrain may not deliver the fastest gear changes, but it offers a huge range for relaxed SUV cruising and smooth shifting. Even under load.
Well-designed cockpit: The Lezyne light with high beam ensures good visibility even in the dark. If you use the adjustable stem to adjust your riding position, do not forget to also adjust the light’s beam angle.

ADVANCED Trekking Pro FS Wave

€ 5,499


Motor Bosch Performance Line CX 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display KIOX 300
Fork SR Suntour XCR 34 120 mm
Rear Shock SR Suntour SUV Edge LOR 120 mm
Seatpost Ebike Dropper Seatpost 125 mm
Brakes Shimano BR-MT420/MT410 180 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT-LG/CS-LG 600 1x11
Stem EBIKE adjustable 100 mm
Handlebar EBIKE Adjustable Alu 740 mm
Wheelset Ryde Rival 26 29"
Tires Continental Ruban 2.1"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 32.1 kg
Perm. total weight 140 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 107 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

– Lezyne lights with high beam
– adjustable stem
– option for diffferent battery sizes

Size S M L XL
Top tube 615 mm 632 mm 649 mm 666 mm
Seat tube 400 mm 450 mm 500 mm 550 mm
Head tube 150 mm 155 mm 160 mm 165 mm
Head angle 67° 67° 67° 67°
Seat angle 70.5° 70.5° 70.5° 70.5°
Chainstay 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm
BB Drop 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Wheelbase 1,261 mm 1,278 mm 1,295 mm 1,312 mm
Reach 440 mm 455 mm 470 mm 485 mm
Stack 663 mm 667 mm 672 mm 676 mm

City hero or outdoor survival expert? – What is the Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave capable of?

In the urban jungle, the Advanced doesn’t just impress with its looks. The low step-through isn’t as low as on the CENTURION Country R3000i LX, but people with limited mobility won’t have any major problems getting on and off – the dropper post makes mounting the bike easy for everyone. The thing to keep an eye on is the dirt-sensitive battery cover. Why? Let’s put it like this: it behaves like a gym floor. Your dark soles will be happy to leave some unsightly marks. You know the drill…
The riding position on this SUV ebike is slightly stretched and quite sporty. If this isn’t comfortable enough for you on longer rides, or if you prefer a more upright position, you can adjust the angle of the stem to bring the handlebar closer to you.
The Advanced is easy to handle and the 120 mm of suspension travel is comfortable enough to ride over cobbles and curbs. And its everyday equipment such as mudguards, a rear carrier, a Lezyne light with high beam, and the handy Bosch Smart System connectivity package, makes the Advanced well suited for all your city riding needs. For example, the Kiox 300 display shows you navigation arrows, and the eBike Lock function turns your smartphone into an ebike key. The only occasion when the Advanced proves a bit unwieldy is when navigating through narrow pedestrian barriers, such as level crossings, where its riding stability can pose challenges in manoeuvring around tight obstacles.

“Currently out of office”: The Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave is not afraid of off-roading, but it feels more at home in the urban jungle.

Away from congested city streets, the Advanced’s stability is a real advantage. With fully loaded rear panniers, the Advanced keeps its composure without a hint of handlebar flutter. Even off-road, the Advanced holds its line. The powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor effortlessly propels the Advanced and its rider up every ascent. The Shimano XT LINKGLIDE 11-speed drivetrain shifts smoothly and precisely, even under heavy loads, ensuring that you always find the right gear to tackle climbs effortlessly.

Let the good times roll: The Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave turns riding time into quality time with its cool look.

On steep descents, however, the relatively high weight turns stability into sluggishness. In addition, the Shimano MT420/MT410 brakes require considerable force to bring the Advanced to a halt. Heavy riders should consider upgrading to a four-piston rear brake and larger discs than the factory fitted 180 mm rotors. On rooty trails and bumpy paths, The Advanced offers limited riding fun. This is where the CONWAY CAIRON SUV FS or the Specialized Tero X clearly come out on top. The Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave’s suspension is comfortable for city riding, but feels a little too stiff for light off-road use, such as exploring the undergrowth from a seated position. In addition, the rattling of everyday equipment such as mudguards and the kickstand create a soundscape like that of downtown Frankfurt.

From the curb to the skyline or across the old town, the Advanced is one of the most beautiful city explorers among SUV ebikes.

Who should take a closer look at the Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave SUV ebike?

The Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave is the beauty queen in our test and should be treated as such. We’re not talking about regular mud baths for youthful skin, but relaxed cruises through the hippest fashion capitals with well-maintained cycle paths. The Advanced is a faithful companion for riders who use the bike mainly in the city, occasionally in the city park and rarely in the urban forest. With the option of the 750 Wh battery, it’s also a good choice for frequent riders looking for an SUV ebike with a comfortable low step-through entry.

Our conclusion on the Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave

The Advanced Trekking Pro FS Wave combines comfort and stability with plenty of style. The off-road fun is marred by some minor shortcomings in its features, but for city cruising and leisurely trekking, this SUV ebike has everything your heart desires. For a fair price of € 5,500, you get a good overall package. However, the test winner Specialized Tero X and the Best Buy CONWAY CAIRON SUV offer better value for money, which is why the Advanced missed out on an award this time.


  • modern, urban design
  • stable handling
  • choice of battery options


  • rattling everyday equipment and kickstand
  • weak brakes
  • difficult to adjust shock
  • heavy weight

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Words: Rudolf Fischer Photos: Jan Richter, Robin Schmitt

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