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Ebiking in Amsterdam – DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway powered by WINORA

Looking to get away from the clichéd take on Amsterdam with its red-light district, cafes and canals, we took to ebikes to create this edition of the DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway powered by WINORA. With the help of clued-up locals, we discover hidden gems and hard-to-find spots that go under the radar of suitcase-wheeling tourists, drunk stag dos and even many locals.

What is the DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway series?

What do urban spaces of the future look like? What can the world’s most bike-friendly cities teach us? Insider spots, hidden corners, the must-sees minus the crowds, top tips and route guides – the DOWNTOWN Urban Getaway series powered by WINORA explores urban culture, going beneath the surface of the world’s most-hyped cities on a first-name basis with locals to scout inspiration and motivation for a better tomorrow.

Along with the local lingo, each guide includes the city’s dos and don’ts, as well as the A-B-C on where to find your flat whites, tuck into sensational food, or sip a fresh beverage. As each Urban Getaway is done by bike, we also unpick the best builds for the city. Ready? Let’s go. Read the full article in our sister magazine DOWNTOWN.

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Words: Julian Lemme Photos: Julian Lemme / Robin Schmitt

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