With the new e:drenic platform, the Germans introduce their very first long-travel eMTB with 180 mm of travel. Storck is still one of the few manufacturers to use the super-powerful TQ HPR 120S motor. The e:drenic platform will also be available with a Shimano STEPS motor.

Storck e:drenic GTQ | TQ HPR 120S/658 Wh | 180/180 mm (f/r) | 23 kg (manufacturer’s specification) | € 8,999

With the brand new e:drenic GTQ, Storck is one of the few bike brands to use the powerful TQ HPR 120S motor. When it comes to raw power, the compact motor, which decouples completely at the 25 km/h threshold, is still regarded as the undisputed benchmark. In addition to the TQ drive, Storck also released a number of cheaper models, which are based on the same e:drenic platform but rely on a Shimano STEPS E 8000 motor. Despite the different motors and batteries, however, the geometry and kinematics remain unchanged across the range. To achieve this, Storck uses the same full carbon frame but modifies the downtube according to the different motors and batteries.

The Storck e:drenic GTQ in detail

The e:drenic GTQ is currently still a prototype and scheduled for release in spring 2020. The prototype we saw on display is not yet rideable. Nevertheless, we’re already intrigued by its square yet dynamic lines. According to the manufacturer, the high-end version of the production bike should weigh just 23 kg with and still provide a whopping 180 mm of travel, both front and rear. Let’s hope that Storck didn’t promise too much and still maintain the weight despite the 658 Wh battery. The TQ entry-level model features an XT groupset and will cost € 7,499. The top of the range version you see in the pictures features a FOX-Factory suspension combo and wireless SRAM Eagle AXS groupset. Retail price is € 8,999.

TheTQ HPR 120S churns out an impressive 120 Nm of torque
The internal 658 Wh battery feeds the powerful motor. The down tube of the GTQ version is therefore bigger than the Shimano version.
Uncharted territory
With 180 mm of front- and rear travel, the e:drenic series is Storck’s very first long-travel platform.
Power to fight power
Shimano’s Saint DH brakes keep the raw power of the motor under control

The Storck e:drenic GTS 500 in detail

With a slightly different downtube but identical geometry, the Storck e:drenic GTS is a more affordable alternative to the e:drenic GTQ. The Shimano STEPS E 8000 feeds off an internal 500 Wh Shimano battery and gives the bike a slimmer silhouette. The e:drenic GTS 500 will soon be available at prices starting at € 5.999.

Storck e:drenic GTS 500 | Shimano STEPS E 8000/500 Wh | 180/180 mm (f/r) | from € 5,999
Despite the modified downtube, the rear-end kinematics should remain unchanged. Like the GTQ, the GTS model has 180 mm of rear-end travel…
…Combined with a 180 mm FOX 36 FACTORY fork at the front.
One bike, two motors…
…Shimano or TQ
For a long-travel bike, the Schwalbe Rocket Ron is just not enough. The e:drenic should com with a Magic Mary ex works.

For ore information head to: storck-bikes.com

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