At their mountain bike press camp in Morzine, France, FOCUS have just taken the opportunity to present the prototype of their latest E-MTB, which has managed to slot in underneath the coveted 13 kilogram barrier and now stands as the world’s lightest production model E-MTB. Here’s an exclusive scoop with the first batch of information.

Eine echte Revolution: das neue FOCUS Projekt-Y
A real revolution: the new FOCUS Project-Y

Dubbed Project-Y, this prototype even manages to house a powerful 250 W motor despite its phenomenally low weight. Together with the 250 Wh battery, the motor can also be completely removed from the downtube. No mean feat of design, FOCUS had originally set themselves the goal of developing an E-MTB that would be more reminiscent of a conventional mountain bike, and could even be ridden without its motor. Much more than just ultra lightweight, however, this prototype has some pretty outstanding geometry: thanks to its super compact design for the motor casing, the chainstays are no more than 20 mm longer than the unmotorised Raven Max.

Der Antrieb kann komplett aus dem Rahmen entnommen und das Rad dann als konventionelles Mountainbike mit unter 10kg Gewicht gefahren werden.
The motor can be completely removed and the bike can be ridden as a regular mountain bike, tipping the scales at less than 10 kg.
Angetrieben wird das Rad von einem völlig neuen Antrieb names Evation Drive System.
The bike runs on a brand new motor known as the Evation Drive System.
Durch die kompakte Bedieneinheit lassen sich die verschiedenen Fahrstufen wäheln. Die integrierten LEDs geben Aufschluss über die Akku-Kapazität und machen ein zusätzliches Display überflüssig. Genial!
You can choose the various levels of pedal assist on this ultra compact computer. The integrated LEDs inform the rider about the remaining battery life, therefore making the need for an extra display screen redundant. Ace!
Ein Klick genügt und schon kann der Akku inkl. Motor aus dem Unterrohr entnommen werden.
The motor and battery can be removed from the frame in just one click.
Edle Teile wohin man Blickt.
First-rate parts in every direction.
Der Rahmen mit entnommenen Antrieb.
The frame minus its motor.

Our impression: Having set out with the aim to best replicate how a traditional mountain bike rides and performs, Project-Y is an extremely valid and successful step for FOCUS, seeing them push the limits of possibility in their pursuit of how light E-MTBs can be, and how they can best be engineered. Of course, weight is only one feature that influences how an E-MTB rides, so we’re even more excited to get a test ride in on this prototype. More information on the brand new FOCUS Project-Y will be published shortly.

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer