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True love only shows its face in winter. Separating not only the wheat from the chaff, this cold, dark season divides our spirits too: the sofa or the bike? We’re torn. For many, these bleak conditions – cold, dark, and harsh – are enough to persuade us to stay at home. But winter is actually a damn good time for an unforgettable adventure.


All you need is the correct equipment – or a fast car so you can blast down to the warmer climes in the south! Alongside our winter feature with the hottest apparel (in the truest sense of the word) and accessories for this chilly time of year, we’ve also been testing the best and brightest lights to shatter winter’s all-consuming darkness.


For those among you who are still complaining of being cold, and when even the post-ride mulled wine has ceased to warm you, we’d recommend a trip to Italy’s Finale Ligure. Incredible trails, breath-taking landscapes, and a taste of the true Dolce Vita have left us convinced that there’s only one solution: follow suit!


As you see, this issue has something for everyone – and the same goes for the bikes that we’ve tested too. Whether it’s the Haibike XDURO AllMtn Pro, the Felt DUALe, the Lapierre Overvolt FS 900, or the Moustache Samedi 27/9 FS Race, they’ve all got their own distinctive concepts. But as to whether they’ll steal our hearts… you’ll have to check the tests to find out.


Speaking of concepts, at the Design & Innovation Award 2015 in South Tyrol we didn’t just test the best and most innovative products from over a hundred brands with our international expert jury – we had a closer look at ground-breaking concepts and future trends. What are next season’s stand-out bikes and products? What do the coming years hold for us? This issue has all the answers.


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Aaron Steinke

Aaron was our first employee and actively helped make our company what it is today, significantly shaping the look and direction of our various magazines. Aaron has been pursuing his own projects since mid-2020 but he continues to advise and support us on issues of marketing and technology. For many years, you would usually have found Aaron at casual enduro races, but increasingly you'll find him riding his road bike – long live freedom on two wheels!