At E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine, our belief in having pedal-assist on electrified off-road bikes is not (just) to do with the sensation of riding with a constant tailwind, but it goes back to how these bikes are key to unlocking a new life, new freedom and unimaginable adventures.

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For those who are ready to explore the world by eMTB and add a different dimension to your lifestyle, the first thing you need is the right whip. That’s why we’ve dedicated yet another issue to testing the current hottest bikes around and turning over every stone in a head-to-head test between the 13 most important drive units right now. The latter of which included countless test runs across myriad surfaces as well as three lab coat-wearing weeks at the renowned Velotech testing laboratory, where we came out with market clarity, a clear list of things to recommend, and deeper insight into what really matters when it comes to your bike’s drive unit.

The highlights of this issue

  • Our big eMTB motor comparison – 13 eMTB motors head-to-head
  • E-mountainbiking destroyed my life – thankfully! – 8 signs that you’re an eMTBer
  • Taking your eMTB to the bike park – How to prepare and face your fears
  • A flowing ride! – From the barrique to the trails
  • Specialized Turbo Levo SL Kids – A grown-up bike for the little ones?

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All the bikes in this issue

Lapierre eZesty AM LTD | Mondraker NEAT RR SL | NOX EPIUM 7.1 Pro | Pivot Shuttle AM | Specialized Turbo Levo SL Kids

All the motors in this issue

Bosch Performance Line CX | Bosch Performance Line CX Race | Bosch Performance Line SX | Brose Drive S Mag | FAZUA Ride 60 | GIANT SyncDrive Pro2 | Panasonic GX Ultimate | Pinion MGU E1.12 | Shimano EP801 | Specialized SL1.2 | Specialized 2.2 | TQ HPR 50 | Yamaha PW-X3

What to expect in this issue?

No other eMTB topic gets as hotly and intensively debated as the motor. That is why we tested the 13 most important systems from 10 different manufacturers for our big eMTB motor comparison, revealing huge differences, making some exciting findings, and offering clear recommendations! Read on to find out what sets the various systems apart and which eMTB motor suits you best!

In the beginning, there was the eMTB. No one thinks anything bad will come of it, you’re just happy about your new bike. Yet, slowly but surely, your life begins to change. The butterfly effect kicks in and chaos runs its course: you catch the eMTB bug, and nothing will ever be the same again. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The bike park? That’s only for the pros and daredevils with full face helmets and protectors, right? Just thinking about it gets your heart racing: am I good enough, fast enough, can I keep up? E-MOUNTAINBIKE editor and quadragenarian, Patrick, dared to try it out for himself, discovering what you stand to gain by facing your fears.

Parental advisory: We’re talking about alcohol consumption, freedom on two wheels and the art of winemaking. We met an aristocrat with a rock’n’roll past, discovered a cellar full of wine, explored hills with hidden pathways, and found out why ebiking is so much more than just riding trails – and why wine is not the only drug keeping our spirits high on this ride.

4,000 for a kids’ ebike? Designed for MTB use, the Specialized Turbo Levo SL Kids is a hardtail with a cool look, a high-quality motor, and kid-friendly features. But can kids really benefit from the ebike, or is it a typical case of over-engineering? Our test ride shows that high performance and high price are not always the answer!

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Have fun reading!


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About the author

Mike Hunger

From slopestyle and landscape photography to enduro and action shots. Mike enjoys trying new things and loves action. He also loves craftsmanship, regularly going on road trips with his VW Syncro van, which he restored and converted himself. Of course, his bike and his camera are always with him so that he can ride the finest trails from Italy to the Alps and capture the most beautiful moments. Thanks to his training as an industrial mechanic, his experience in cycling and his photographic skills, he can apply his know-how perfectly as a bike journalist, testing the latest bikes and components and documenting his findings. As a photography nerd, he also captures the reviews with his camera and ensures that the magazine features only the best images.