What’s next? We were already asking ourselves this question before COVID-19 struck and our answers are now more relevant than ever. The only difference? Coronavirus will act as a catalyst to accelerate many new developments. With issue #021 we offer you food for thought, find out about novel solutions and discover new perspectives for both you and us. In addition, we’ll show you what the next generation of eMTBs is capable of.

The highlights of this issue

  • The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Theory of Evolution
  • The best Light eMTB 2020
  • Off-road step-through bikes – 10 models on test
  • The right protection for every eMTBer
  • A kids’ ebike for domestic bliss?

In our in-depth article about the new eMTB generation we look at the eMTB trends for the new decade, scrutinise current developments and expand the horizons of the bike scene. If you know us, you’ll know that we love to inspire and question, but that it’s just as important to us to think about real-world context. That’s why in this issue we haven’t just set out the E-MOUNTAINBIKE Theory of Evolution but have also put together two group tests with the most exciting bikes from two new categories for you.

Who doesn’t have friends, acquaintances or family members you’d like to head out for a ride with? For people who are rarely, or even never, found aboard a bike, the new breed of off-road step-through bikes offer new opportunities. In our exclusive group test, we compared 10 off-road step-through ebikes. Having introduced the Light eMTB concept in our last issue, in this one we go on the hunt for the best Light eMTB of 2020. Is handling on the trail more important to you than maximum motor power or do you rarely use all the power your Bosch, Shimano or Brose motor offers? Then you’ll find out everything you need to know here. In the rest of the issue, we’ve recruited some younger riders to test bikes for us, visited Canyon in Koblenz, Germany and to help you stay safe, taken a closer look at protective gear.

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The bikes in this issue

BULLS E-STREAM EVO 1 WAVE 27,5 | CENTURION E-Fire Country F3500 | Corratec Life CX 6X Connect | FANTIC ISSIMO FUN | HNF-NICOLAI UD3 | INFRONT IF-4 Wave | Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Excite | KETTLER QUADRIGA TOWN & COUNTRY COMP | Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 | Moustache Samedi 27 Off 2 Open | NOX HeLIUM 5.9 All-Mountain | Santa Cruz Heckler CC X01 Reserve | Specialized Levo SL Expert | Riese & Müller Homage GT Rohloff GX | Woom UP 6

What can you discover in this issue?

Subcultures, individuals and new categories herald the entrance of a new era for eMTBing. Let’s meet the hybrid of hybrids. Flick through the following pages to uncover the most exciting developments and trends for the new decade.

Don’t we all have a better half, family members, friends or acquaintances with whom we want to share awesome experiences or introduce to a new way of riding but can’t? New, knobbly-tired step-through eMTBs make getting on and off the bike a lot easier, instilling beginners with confidence and opening up new opportunities.

Light eMTBs are revolutionising the market and, at the same time, providing a whole new riding experience, both for ambitious trail riders and adventurous long-distance enthusiasts. We’ve explored the new (and burgeoning) eMTB Light category and tested its three most exciting representatives. Read on to find out which one came out on top and what a light eMTB should be capable of.

Everybody knows that wearing a helmet while biking is mandatory! Riding on the roads, a helmet alone is probably enough, but you should consider wearing more protection when you spice up your eMTB ride with roots, rocks and steeps. In this guide, we explore the products that will protect you and stay comfortable enough for a big day out on your bike.

The Austrian brand Woom have released their first kids’ eMTB in the form of the Woom UP 6. How much sense does a motor make on a kids’ bike? Can the Woom UP cut a convincing figure on the trails and be appealing enough to distract your kids from game consoles and screens? Find out in our first ride review!

The new Heckler is Santa Cruz’s first eMTB. The Californian brand took their time in developing the bike and are quite late to the eMTB party. Have they made good use of the time it took to develop their first eMTB and can it live up to the high expectations set by its price? We found out.

Is innovation always better? Or is a good made evolution better than taking the risk of a revolution? We visited Canyon Bicycles in Koblenz and talked to the development team behind the new Spectral:ON CF about its creation and the challenges they face as a direct to consumer brand.

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About the author

Jonas Müssig

Actually, it really should be Dr. Müssig. After all, Jonas completed his doctorate in chemistry shortly before he started working with us. However, his true passion ultimately prevailed over science. Of course, that doesn't mean chemistry no longer plays a role. Jonas’ scientific background and his long-standing passion for (e)biking are a perfect match. On the hunt for the optimal ride-life balance, Jonas can be found on the trails in the summer and with his backpack in Asia or his camper in southern Europe in winter.