As part of a new product launch at Bosch a whole host of new refinements and re-engineered products in the E-bike area were presented to the media. Every relevant part of the sector got something new: the motor has been re-worked, new battery packs were presented and the the Nyon on-board computer has been updated.

Claus Fleischer, der Leiter des Produktbereichs eBike Systems, führte durch die Präsentation.
Claus Fleischer, head of the E-bike Systems product sector at Bosch led the presentation.

Performance Line CX-drive system

With the new Performance Line CX Bosch presented the latest version of their own E-bike drive system which has been especially optimised for mountainbike use in a number of ways. You can immediately feel that the torque has been increased from 60 to 75 Nm.

Das Drehmoment des Bosch Performance Line CX-Antriebssystems wurde spürbar erhöht.
The torque of the Bosch Performance Line CX-drive system has been noticeably increased.

This has a direct effect on the motor response which from now on delivers up-to 300% support even at low cadences. The difference to the Performance Line (275 %) and Active Line (225 %) is especially noticeable when pulling away.

Die neue Generation der Bosch-Antriebe soll bestens mit 1x11-Antrieben harmonieren.
The engineers were able to reduce the dimensions of the Bosch drive units allowing E-mountainbikes to be constructed with shorter chainstays. This increases a bikes agility.

During the optimisation process the shifting was also considered. The cranks can now also be fitted with a 14 tooth chainring (previously 15 tooth) which pairs perfectly with a 10-42 SRAM cassette. In future even the steepest, most technically challenging climbs can be tackled.

Die Entwickler konnten den benötigten Bauraum der Bosch-Antriebe verkleinern, sodass nun kürzere Hinterbauten an E-Mountainbikes realisiert werden können. Das erhöht die Wendigkeit und Agilität der Räder.
The new generation of Bosch-drive units harmonize perfectly with 1×11 shifting set-ups.

Furthermore the overall dimensions of the drive unit have been reduced whereby less space is required in the bike frame. As a consequence bike designers have more freedom to construct frames and geometries allowing for example shorter chainstays to be realised.

Bosch PowerPack 500

Die neuen Bosch PowerPacks verfügen über 500 Wh Kapazität.
The new Bosch PowerPacks deliver over 500 Wh capacity.

With their PowerPack 500 Bosch presented the latest generation of batteries. With a weight increase of just 10% the battery now delivers over 500 Watt hours (Wh) power. It will be available to purchase from Autumn 2015 for a RRP of € 800 and is compatible with all Bosch drives from 2014 model year. The smaller variants of the new battery the PowerPack 400 and the PowerPack 300, will be available for € 650 and € 500 respectively.

Bosch Nyon computer

From Autumn 2015 the Bosch Nyon-on-board computer will also be available as an upgrade for a RRP of € 549. It offers a completely new software including new features, this program will also be available as an update for existing Nyon owners.

Der Nyon-Bordcomputer verfügt dank überarbeiteter Software über zahlreiche neue Features.
The Nyon-on-board computer brings numerous new features thanks to the latest software system.

The new software can process GPX files which allows routes to be prepared at home on your computer. In addition the Nyon computer supports a multiple stop navigation with up-to ten waypoints between your start and final destination. Furthermore for the first time an option for MTB routes is included based on OSM maps which enables navigation on unpaved tracks.

Mithilfe einer zusätzlichen App lässt sich die Restreichweite des E-Bikes unter Einbeziehung verschiedener Faktoren berechnen.
Thanks to an additional app the remaining range of an E-bike can be calculated whilst including a number of different factors.

Additionally a new optimised remaining range app is available which can be purchased in the form of Premium feature for € 4.99. This calculates remaining range of the fitted battery pack based on factors such as elevation, individual riding style and even rider weight and if necessary offers alternative route suggestions.

AA more powerful hardware is also installed giving 8GB storage capacity. This offers sufficient capacity for the requirements of OSM mapping data.

Bosch eBike Range Assistent

The Bosch Range Assistent takes numerous factors into consideration when calculating the remaining range of an E-bike.
The Bosch Range Assistent takes numerous factors into consideration when calculating the remaining range of an E-bike.

The new Range Assistent on the manufacturer’s homepage is available as a free download. Based on data inputs about the rider, bike and route the assistant calculates the e-bike’s range. In addition it offers helpful tips to optimise an the range to allow longer lasting riding fun.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Klaus Kneist

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