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Hype the Off-Saison! – Extending your riding season

Embrace the off-season! After the summer season is over, why wallow in the cold and wet, longing for next summer, when you can get out there and face the elements, and carry on riding. We’ve picked out four great products to help make winter feel a little warmer, and keep you on your bike in the off-season.

Shimano GF8GTX

You’re not going to let a little bit of rain stop you from flying down the trails, right? Well, the Shimano GF800GTX gravity shoe wants to come along for the ride (or slide?). Designed as a winter shoe for flat pedals, the GF8 has a sticky rubber sole paired with a waterproof upper with a high elasticated cuff. It features a special low-temperature version of Shimano’s new ULTREAD sole technology, a combination of a robust, grippy rubber compound and clever profile which is meant to enhance safety and comfort on the trail. The sole sticks well to flat pedals, and the deep drainage channels provide decent traction if you end up walking back out of the woods. Meanwhile, the upper is made of synthetic leather, lined with a GORE-TEX membrane and fastened with a BOA closure system, with a tight-fitting ankle cuff to keep the weather out. At 390 g, the shoes aren’t exactly lightweight, but when it gets cold and wet, you’ll appreciate the shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole and sturdy toe protection more than you’ll notice the few extra grams. Colour choices are limited to black and khaki – sensible options for shoes which are going to spend most of the year covered in mud. You’ll have no excuse to get cold feet about riding in winter. 😉

Price: € 209,95 €
Weight: 390 g (Size 42)
Colours: black, khaki
More Information:

ION Base Layer Short-Sleeved Merino

Merino wool has become something of a wonder material in recent years. And rightly so (as long as it is non-mulesed and RWS certified, with no harm to the sheep) – as is the case with the Base Layer short-sleeved shirt by ION. The wool of the merino sheep insulates against both heat and cold. However, the greatest benefit of this natural fibre is its capacity to absorb many times more moisture than other materials while retaining its insulating properties, helping you keep a consistent temperature even when you get sweaty or wet. ION combines the merino wool with an equal amount of recycled polyester to ensure rapid wicking of moisture. As the wool doesn’t tend to get smelly even with heavy perspiration, the ION Base Layer Merino is perfect for a multi-day adventure trip to make the most of an Indian summer, wherever you might be.

Price: € 79,99
Material: 50/50 % wool (merino)/polyester
Farben: shark-grey, black
More Information:

Mucky Nutz MugGuard, Rear

It’s not about how big it is… unless we’re talking about rear mudguards for your eMTB. While a short fender is absolutely sufficient to keep dust and dirt away from your shock and seatpost in nice weather, a mudguard that really deserves the name is called for in mucky weather – even if that may offend the style police. Style is wicked, but so is avoiding a damp, gritty backside. And who wants to keep swapping their rear fender from short to long and back again? That’s exactly why the guys and gals at Mucky Nutz have come up with an idea: a fender that can do short and long in one – it’s a grower, not a show-er. The “MugGuard, Rear” convertible mudguard can be changed from short to long and back in no time, rising to the occasion with an extension piece when things get dirty. Sustainability is a priority too – the MugGuard is made of recycled plastic, comes in a storage bag made from recycled bottles, and the fasteners are reusable. Now you can enjoy a dirty ride, guilt free!

Preis: £ 38
Länge: short/long 😉
Farben: black
Mehr information:

Supernova M99 PRO 2 – 25 km/h

Heading for the trails after work? You’ll be riding into the sunset a little earlier than you might expect, as the nights begin to draw in – and don’t forget the ride home after! With the Supernova M99 PRO 2 you’ll be the king (or queen) of the night in the off-season, or at least that’s what the manufacturer promises. It’s true: street-legal lamps of up to 3000 lm are rather few and far between. According to Supernova, the M99 PRO 2, with its 12 power LEDs, is currently the brightest 12 V lamp for ebikes on the market. But the M99 PRO 2 doesn’t just shine with its brightness – it also stands out with some smart features such as sensors to automatically adjust between day and night modes, as well as ports to add powered accessories such as a horn, USB charger or heated grips. Bosch Smart System connectors are included in the box, while fittings for other ebike systems must be purchased separately. There’s also a version for S-Pedelecs with the affix “45 km/h”. The same Supernova service promise applies to both versions of the M99 PRO 2: 5 years warranty and at least 10 years maintainability. Nice!

Price: € 449
Weight: 190 g (without cable)
Luminance: 500-3000 lm
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Words: Patrick Gruber Photos: Hersteller