Ingrown toenails, nasty back pain and stinging migraines – all things we happily live without. But they are exactly what inspired Sebastian to exchange a promising career as a successful trauma surgeon in one of Germany’s top clinics for a humble family practice. Alongside the traditional tools of his trade, Sebastian relies on a rather unconventional device on his weekly rounds: a Riese & Müller Multicharger eMTB.

Riese & Müller Multicharger | Weight: 29.6 kg | Price: from € 4,299

It’s Tuesday morning and Sebastian is doing his weekly home visits around the Fraueninsel on Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. Today, he swaps his usual white trousers and polo shirt for a pair of jeans, checked shirt, weatherproof jacket and finally an understated cycling helmet. Unlike most of his colleagues, Sebastian doesn’t throw his doctor’s bag into the back of his car, but attaches it to the pannier-rack of his bike. “With a normal e-bike this would be a lot more difficult”, he says. “After all, I have to be prepared for emergencies, and the Multicharger allows me to carry all of my equipment.”

For Sebastian, acquiring a cargo eMTB was a logical move. His catchment area extends over 6 km, a distance he can easily and quickly cover on his bike. “Since finding a parking space can be a real struggle in a busy tourist area like ours, I’m better off doing my home rounds on my e-bike, even when I have to visit patients in the countryside. Most of the time it’s just quicker!” But time efficiency is not the only reason why Sebastian chooses to ride an ebike. “Not only is the fresh air very healthy, but it also helps me to clear my head while enjoying nature at its best. That’s a lot better than being stuck in traffic inside a tin can.” With the tepid morning sun on our face, we head towards the boat moorings in Gstadt. With its chunky tires, the bike runs just as smoothly on the coarse gravel as it does on cobbles and paved roads. Despite its long frame, the Multicharger feels pleasantly agile and good-natured. Thanks to the suspension seat post and fork, the bike is very comfortable even when riding on rough and unpaved roads. When he gets to the Gstadt harbour, Sebastian usually takes the ferry to the Fraueninsel. Today, however, the ferry service is cancelled due to heavy floods and he’s lifting his bike onto a small motorboat – not an easy task at almost 30 kg.

The Riese & Müller Multicharger is a real packhorse. Two sturdy luggage racks front and rear paired with a robust aluminium frame, a fixed lighting system and a powerful 1,000 Wh battery make it the ideal companion for this young doctor. While a Bosch Performance CX motor delivers the power, the Riese & Müller configurator allows you to choose between a 25 km/h and a fast 45 km/h model and a number of different drivetrain options. Riese & Müller also offer a range of optional accessories such as panniers or a seat to carry the kids or even an adult on the rear rack (60 kg payload). If you want, you can also retrofit a Cobi.Bike Sport System, which converts your smartphone into a complete control unit with a navigation system, motor control and many other features.

Safe, practical, stylish – the Multicharger is a true allrounder!

Endurance runner
Thanks to the powerful 1,000 Wh battery, the Riese & Müller rarely needs to be charged during a day out and even longer rides don’t pose a problem.
On duty – day and night
The integrated lighting system draws electricity from the battery and allows you to ride at night.
All you need is…
Whether you’re carrying a huge medical bag, a crate of beer or a child, there’s plenty of room on the carrier!
Helmet Bontrager Rally MIPS | Jacket Fjällräven Greenland Jacket | Trousers Maloja BattistaM. | Backpack Fjällräven Greenland Top 28l

After a morning on the island, it’s time for Sebastian to head back to his practice. Sometimes he misses the challenges of working in an operating theatre, but right from the moment he decided to leave behind the stresses and strains of that everyday routine, he found that his quality of life improved drastically. He frequently tries to encourage his patients to reduce stress-levels by spending more time in nature and exercising more. The Riese & Müller plays an important role in his mission and helps him set a good example by practising exactly what he preaches.

For more information head to the Riese & Müller Website

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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