Spring is finally here! It’s time to plan the next adventure and book your summer holidays. Our latest E-MOUNTAINBIKE Issue #010 holds the keys to elevating your season. It’s crammed with the most important reviews, useful tips and great stories. What are you waiting for? It’s free, it’s awesome!

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They say that you cannot put a price on fun, so do we always need to break the bank to have great performance? We tested 11 E-Mountainbikes under € 5,000, and discovered not all bikes are created equal… Find out which bikes made us want to play all day and which ones left us disappointed.

A motor is fundamental to any E-Mountainbike and effects the riding dynamic and trail performance way more than the numbers on paper would suggest. Without dialling in your motor choice, you can’t expect to be blown away by a bike. So, how can you tell which motor will suit you, and what needs to be considered?

Is a bigger battery capacity the only way to increase the range of your E-MTB? Not quite – with the right technique while riding and a few choice tricks, you can make a real impact on the potential range without having to invest a penny. Here’s our range-boosting compilation of the most important tips.

Most of us know, long bike rides can be a real struggle for families: dad watched too many videos and is in a shredding mood, mum is exhausted and the kids have no intention of spending the day climbing hills. E-Mountainbikes can be a true weekend saver and also make our little one’s life a little brighter.

What’s the vision of E-MTBs in the future and what presents the biggest challenges in their development? We turned to 11 of the most keyed-up and knowledgeable figures in the industry to see what they saw in the crystal ball. If these guys don’t know, then where else can one turn?

We set out to find out what’s happening in the most tech-savvy, hard-hitting corner of E-Mountainbikes by plucking out the two most extreme models and taking them to Germany’s gnarliest downhill track. This story pits the Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 and the ROTWILD R.G+ against each other.

All this – and much more more – can be found in E-MOUNTAINBIKE issue #010, which you can download right away. Enjoy the read!