The YT DECOY stands for maximum riding fun. To make this possible, the German manufacturer has combined a powerful Shimano EP8 motor, small 540 Wh battery and potent suspension. But can YT’s E-buiser also impress as a versatile all-rounder despite its 170/165mm suspension?

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best eMTB of 2022 – 13 models in review

YT DECOY MX CORE 4 | Shimano EP8/540 Wh | 170/165 mm (f/r)
22.60 kg in size L | € 7,499 | Manufacturer’s website

The new Decoy MX CORE 4 shares the same frame as its 2019 debut and is designed for uncompromising trail fun. For 2022, YT have specced Shimano’s latest 85 Nm EP8 motor, which is neatly integrated into the frame and draws its power from the same small 540 Wh battery as its predecessor. While his concept may initially seem a little outdated given the current battery arms race, it’s actually quite clever, blurring the lines between the Light eMTB and all-round eMTB categories. An extensive rubber protector shields the downtube, battery and motor from stray rocks and forms a seamless transition with the frame. Unfortunately, the cockpit looks rather untidy and the cables aren’t secured at the ports properly. The rubber inserts are easily dislodged and then fail to serve their purpose, causing the cables to rattle loudly against the frame. A massive seat and chainstay protector prevents chain slap and paint chips while the shock dials are easily accessible, allowing for a quick and easy set up – awesome! Although the Decoy has a bottle cage, this only takes YT’s own 500 ml water bottle, which is available in their online store.

Polarising – The spec of the € 7,499 YT DECOY MX CORE 4.

The spec of the 22.60 kg DECOY MX CORE 4 is polarising. The FOX Factory suspension consists of a 38 GRIP2 fork and X2 shock, controlling 170/165 mm travel at the front and rear. SRAM CODE RSC brakes ensure reliable and powerful deceleration but a bigger 220 mm rotor at the front would be even better. The 150 mm dropper post on our size L test bike is far too short, restricting freedom of movement on the bike and limiting the fun factor with its stiff and wobbly remote. Moreover, YT combine an eMTB-specific Crankbrothers alloy wheelset with puncture-prone EXO/EXO+ tires with the hard MaxxTerra rubber compound. For more traction and better puncture resistance, we recommend upgrading both tires to a more robust model in the tough Doubledown casing, as well as the soft MaxxGrip rubber compound at the front.

Setup guide
YT’s setup guide helps you find the optimal starting point for your suspension setup. Using simple parameters such as the bike model and rider’s weight, you’ll be able to find your ideal air pressure and compression/rebound settings.
Traction, support and reserves
The rear suspension and shock of the Decoy harmonise extremely well, offering a silky-smooth response, good traction, plenty of reserves and sufficient support for active riding manoeuvres.
If you want to ride without a backpack, you’ll have to buy YT’s own water bottle. Unfortunately, the small bottle only holds 500 ml.
The charge port of the 540 Wh battery sits directly on the battery and thus on the downtube of the bike, where it’s exposed to the elements.


€ 7,499


Motor Shimano EP8 85 Nm
Battery YT Custom 540 Wh
Display Shimano E7000
Fork FOX 38 Factory GRIP2 170 mm
Rear Shock FOX X2 Factory 165 mm
Seatpost YT Postman 150 mm
Brakes SRAM CODE RSC 200/200 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT 1x12
Stem Renthal Apex 35 50 mm
Handlebar Renthal Fatbar 35 800 mm
Wheelset Crankbrothers Synthesis E-MTB Alloy i9 29"/27.5"
Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI EXO / Minion DHRII EXO+ 2.5"/2.6"

Technical Data

Weight 22.60 kg
Perm. total weight 150 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 127 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount no

Cable clutter!
From the rider’s perspective, the cockpit of the YT is one big cable mess. Only the cockpit of the Norco looks messier.
Rattling as standard!
YT use small rubber plugs to secure the cables at the ports. However, the plugs dislodge easily, causing the cables to rattle loudly against the frame.
Not enough
The 150 mm dropper post is too short for our size L Decoy and the remote feels vague and wobbly.

The compact geometry of the YT DECOY MX CORE 4 in detail

The compact geometry of the DECOY gives away its age. At 449 mm in size L, the YT has the shortest reach in our 2022 test field. However, we decided against upsizing, because the XL frame has a massive 470 mm seat tube which restricts freedom of movement on the bike – the same issue faced by the MERIDA and ROTWILD. The pedalling position is compact and upright, with the weight evenly distributed between the hands and saddle. Together with the supple suspension, this ensures a high level of comfort, making the DECOY a great companion for long days in the saddle. However, the small battery is a limiting factor in this regard, forcing you to ride in low assistance modes to achieve a decent range. Unfortunately, the big 700 Wh battery that YTannounced back in 2019 is still not available.

Seat tube 400 mm 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm 495 mm
Top tube 569 mm 591 mm 612 mm 635 mm 658 mm
Head tube 95 mm 100 mm 105 mm 115 mm 125 mm
Head angle 64.5° 64.5° 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Seat angle 75.5° 75.5° 75.5° 75.5° 75.5°
Chainstays 442 mm 442 mm 442 mm 442 mm 442 mm
BB Drop -32/16 mm -32/16 mm -32/16 mm -32/16 mm -32/16 mm
Wheelbase 1,191 mm 1,213 mm 1,235 mm 1,259 mm 1,284 mm
Reach 409 mm 429 mm 449 mm 469 mm 489 mm
Stack 624 mm 629 mm 633 mm 643 mm 652 mm
Helmet POC Kortal Race Mips | Glasses POC Devour | Backpack USWE Shred 16
Jersey Vans Party Shirt | Shorts ION Scrub Amp | Kneepad Chromag Rift
Shoes Giro Chamber II | Socks Stance

The YT DECOY MX CORE 4 on the trail

The YT DECOY MX CORE 4 playfully winds its way up flowing climbs and flat trails,
encouraging you to play with the terrain, wheelie out of corners and pop off ledges. The light front end, which contributes significantly to the agile character of the YT, forces you to actively load the front wheel on steep uphill sections. On technical climbs with bigger obstacles and tall steps, the Decoy requires significant physical effort and good riding skills. The efficient suspension ensures excellent traction and always sits high in its travel, allowing experienced riders to tackle technical climbs and have lots of fun in the process.

On flowing trails, the YT is extremely playful and fun to ride, crossing the line between Light eMTB and all-rounder.

The YT DECOY MX CORE 4 downhill

Going downhill, the YT DECOY MX CORE 4 is a two-wheeled fun fair and mean cornering machine, transforming every flow trail into a massive playground! The light front and responsive suspension make it easy to pop off ledges, pump through berms and change line at a whim. Only the ROTWILD R.E375 and Orbea Rise are more agile and playful. Thanks to the intuitive handling, balanced weight distribution and excellent traction, the YT is also a great option for beginners, provided you stick to easy trails! On steep, technical and fast trails, the short reach and short-travel dropper make for a cramped riding position, restricting freedom of movement on the bike and requiring good riding skills and more physical effort. For inexperienced riders, this can be quite overwhelming. With the DECOY, you’re better off gapping or riding around obstacles rather than ploughing through them. The suspension generates decent traction and still offers good support and plenty of reserves, even with big hits and at high-speeds. Unfortunately, the geometry struggles to keep up! If you’re looking for a bike that instills confidence on technical terrain and man-made bike park tracks, you should take a closer look at the Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay C70 or Norco Sight VLT C1.

Tuning tips: tires with more robust casing i.e. MAXXIS DoubleDown | Big 220mm front rotor

Screams of pleasure!
The fun character and intuitive handling of the YT put a massive grin on test rider Peter’s face. The agile DECOY is a blast, particularly on flow trails!

Riding Characteristics



  1. sluggish
  2. playful


  1. nervous
  2. stable


  1. demanding
  2. balanced

Riding fun

  1. boring
  2. lively

Motor feeling

  1. digital
  2. natural

Motor power

  1. weak
  2. strong

Value for money

  1. poor
  2. top


Forest road


Flow trail uphill


Flow trail downhill


Technical single trail uphill


Technical single trail downhill


Downhill tracks



The YT DECOY MX CORE 4 is a great companion for all eMTB surfers who love to descend on their rear wheel and don’t need a bigger battery for long days in the saddle. Falling somewhere between the Light and all-round eMTB categories, the DECOY proves that you can have a lot of fun even with a small battery! With its good-natured handling, it’s also suitable for beginners on easy trails and only requires an experienced rider on technical and fast trails.


  • high fun-factor on flowing trails and jumps
  • excellent comfort for long rides
  • capable suspension


  • short-travel dropper post
  • tires with fragile casing
  • long seat tube restricts choice of frame size

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Words: Photos: Julian Lemme