Parking several bikes at home or in the office can quickly turn into a frustrating game of Tetris. Stashed from North Wales have taken it upon themselves to solve just this problem, promising a high-quality and carefully thought-out system with the SpaceRail, and ensuring order in your basement or garage.

Stashed SpaceRail System | Maximum Load 120 kg per rail | Price € 187,95 including 1,20 m of rail and one hook | Manufacturer’s website

To get your bike cave orderly, Stashed have developed the SpaceRail system consisting of different rails, which you can bolt directly to the ceiling or to the wall by means of brackets. Hooks are slotted into the rails where they can slide back and forth. You can then hang your bikes off the hooks. Depending on how many bikes you want to accommodate, you can add any number of rails and hooks to the system. It’s quite easy to assemble, requiring just a few simple steps. The manual is available as a PDF and includes plenty of illustrations, or you can watch the online video instructions. According to Stashed, the maximum load is 120 kg per rail and 30 kg per hook. This isn’t taking the bearing capacity of your ceiling or wall into account – Stashed give no recommendation regarding that. In general, the system should be mounted high enough that the bikes can swing freely on the hooks and no longer touch the ground. Otherwise, the SpaceRail won’t work as intended. In addition to the rails and hooks, Stashed also have other practical accessories on offer, such as padding for the pedals so that the bikes don’t get scratched. The dual-sided hook is very convenient, too, allowing you to hang wheels or two children’s bikes below each other, for example.

Neat and tidy: with the Stashed SpaceRail system, keeping your bike cave orderly is a cinch.
The pedal covers protect your bikes from getting scratched.

Once the SpaceRail is mounted, you can simply hang your bikes off the hooks in the rail. Depending on the weight of the bike, however, you’ll need to be relatively strong, such as when dealing with an ebike. The rubber-coated hooks are big enough to cater to fat MTB tires, and they don’t scratch the rims. When hanging up your bike, you must just avoid placing the hook on the valve; otherwise, you might damage it. A big advantage of the system is that hooks don’t twist or move if they’re not loaded. As a result, the hook won’t go sliding away when you want to hang up your bike, as is the case with other systems. Once the bike is hanging, placing weight on the hook, it can slide smoothly from side to side. The hooks don’t snag and shifting the bikes doesn’t require any effort. With all your bikes hung up, the SpaceRail will free up a lot of room. If you can’t fit all your bikes in the basement of your shared flat, the SpaceRail might be just the ticket, perhaps even freeing up space for a few crates of beer.

Conveniently, the hooks don’t twist or move as you hang up your bike.

If you’ve got too many bikes to fit in your basement or you just like keeping things neat and tidy, the Stashed SpaceRail is the perfect system to create order. The high-quality bike rack from North Wales is easy to mount, quick to expand and even easier to use. All in all, it’s a very well-thought-out system! The only drawback that we could find is that ebikes can be quite difficult for some riders to pick up and hang, especially after a long day on the trails.


  • frees up space
  • easy to mount
  • high-quality
  • easy to extend


  • the ceiling needs to be high enough
  • heavy bikes can be difficult to pick up and hang

Tester Peter Walker
Test duration 8 months
Price € 187,95 including 1,20 m of rail and one hook
Maximum Load 120 kg per rail
More info Manufacturer’s website

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Words: Felix Rauch Photos: Peter Walker