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The Lab: SP Connect mount phone to bike

Like to keep all your information right at your fingertips? We might just have the answer. SP Connect are known for their versatile, smartly integrated phone mounts. We’ve been testing their latest power couple, the Phone Case SPC+ and Wireless Powerbank SPC+, to see if they can keep it together on the trails.

SP Connect Phone Case SPC+ & Wireless Powerbank SPC+
Tester Erik | Duration: 3 months
Weight Powerbank 146.8 g, Phone Case 42.4 g (iPhone 14 Pro)
Price: Powerbank € 79.99, Phone Case € 39.99 | Manufacturer’s website

Phone Case SPC+

The new SPC+ case is a significant step up from its predecessor – according to SP Connect, it’s significantly lighter, 40% slimmer, and they think it’s more stylish too. The refined, thinner design means it’s now officially MagSafe compatible, which means you can wirelessly charge your smartphone while it’s magnetically attached. That said, we found that our smartphone got rather hot while charging this way.

Despite its new lighter package, the phone case displays SP Connect’s familiar sturdiness and protection. Side buttons on your phone are fully protected but still easy to use, while other critical points, like your camera, feature reinforced shock-absorbing inserts for added protection.

Clever: The power bank sits between the universal mount and your smartphone.

SP Connect have retained their patented 90° twist-to-lock mechanism, which securely attaches phones onto the handlebar mount. The mechanical locking system is backed up by magnets, which hold the phone in place. The magnet in the smartphone’s case also grips onto metal surfaces, which can be an added bonus for some. If you’ve previously dabbled in SP Connect products, you’ll be pleased to hear you don’t have to purchase everything brand new as the latest SPC+ comes with an adapter that works with all their earlier mount models. There’s the option to use their Velcro-fixed Universal Mount (€ 29.99) on your bars or stem, or switch out your conventional top cap for their Micro Stem Mount (€ 9.99). Our quick verdict for both options: Subtle designs and most likely within budget. Check out our in-depth test of the industry’s best smartphone mounts here.

Protected: The case and power bank are connected with a twist lock mechanism.

Wireless Powerbank SPC+

We’ve probably all been there… An ever-dwindling battery and the sinking realisation that you’re still pretty far from home. Fortunately, the new SPC+ wireless power bank with its capacity of 5,000 mAh keeps your phone topped up through its case throughout your ride. Typical nominal capacities for smartphones are between 2,500 and 5,000 mAh, but in our experience, wireless charging often falls a little short on the stated 5,000 mAh capacity.

The power bank shows its remaining battery life via LEDs, and features a USB-C In & Out Port for charging itself and other bits of gear.

If you’re known as the route master who drains their phone battery on navigation apps, you’ll now be able to keep the battery boosted as SP Connect allow you to slot the SPC+ power bank directly between your phone and mount without any real penalties. As for other bits of gear that need charging? Use the USB-C port freely for pretty much everything else.

You can either mount the SPC+ phone case onto your bars using the Universal Mount, or onto your stem with the brand’s Micro Stem Mount Pro. And yes, adaptors are available.

SP Connect obviously know what they’re doing when it comes to keeping phones secure while riding and batteries topped up, and the Phone Case SPC+ and Wireless Powerbank SPC+ are valid additions to their current ecosystem of mounts. By keeping their proven twist-to-lock mechanism and enabling slick integration of the powerbank into your handlebar setup, they’ve introduced a low-priced power couple that we’d invite on our next long ride.


  • Slimmer case for wireless charging
  • House the power bank between your smartphone and mount
  • Compatible with earlier SP Connect mounts with adaptors


  • Smartphone heats up during wireless charging

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Words: Susanne Feddersen / Erik Bötzle Photos: Antonia Feder