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SWYPE – Retail Revolution

SWYPE wants to revolutionise the specialist trade. In times where products are available online within a few days and shops are undercutting each other’s prices, SWYPE wants to strengthen the specialist trade by focusing on a revolutionary model.

Revolutionising the specialised trade – SWYPE wants to achieve this through digitisation and a smart model line-up.

Always available, highly functional, without pre-orders and at a fair price – this is SWYPE’s concept a nutshell. Of course, this sounds almost too good to be true and you might be asking yourself, how it actually works.

Always available thanks to block orders

SWYPE is part of the Cylce Union – a large association of bicycle brands. In order to be able to supply the trade on demand and without waiting times, SWYPE has ordered a very large number of frames from its manufacturers. However, only a part of the order has actually been placed. As soon as their own stock falls below a certain number, new frames will be automatically re-ordered and assembled. The same applies to the components. On top of that, thanks to its affiliation with other brands, SWYPE can also obtain components from other brands’ stock if necessary.

Optimised logistics for fair prices

One of SWYPE’s greatest peculiarities? Despite selling through specialist dealers, they don’t actually need their own field staff. And the number of office staff is manageable too. This is only possible thanks to consistent digitalisation, which ensures satisfied customers despite a limited amount of personal. The dealer can order a new bike directly via a special online tool. The order is then automatically booked and confirmed. If the bike is in stock – which SWYPE guarantees – the first person who comes into physical contact with the bike is the person who hands over the box to the parcel service (except the assembly staff). And SWYPE also allows you to book your service or maintenance through the website. Once you booked your service, the system forwards your request to the relevant SWYPE employee, who in turn will contact the retailer

Dealers can order a new bike directly via the online tool and also create service orders – this saves personnel and costs.

Six models with a wide range of applications

Of course, the system wouldn’t work with the sort of product range we know from most big brands. For this reason, SWYPE limits the choice to a slim model range, which consists of two fully-specced hardtails and four 150mm full-sussers. All bikes are powered by a new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor and can be ordered with either a 500 Wh or 625 Wh battery. Prices for the full-suspension model SWYPE Freqz #1.0 with 500 Wh battery start at €3,999, and the top of the range model Freqz #4.0 with 625 Wh battery sets you back € 5,799. The full-suspension model is available in four sizes and comes with either a Purion or KIOX display, depending on the model.

The top of the range SWYPE Freqz #4.0 full-suspension model costs € 5,799 and comes with a 625 Wh battery, new Bosch Performance CX motor and a well thought-out spec.
The aluminium frame has 150 mm of travel
The motor- and shock-mounts are made from one solid mold, and should therefore be pretty stiff. Furthermore, the shock is well protected from grit and dirt.
SWYPE relies on a mix of 29″ and 27.5″ wheels, respectively front and rear
The charging socket is integrated into the top tube
All bikes can be ordered either with a 500 Wh or 625 Wh battery
The top of the range model rolls out of the factory on chunky and robust Schwalbe Eddy Current tires which were developed especially for eMTBs.
SWYPE doesn’t save on the contact points and uses ergonomic SQ-Lab grips
SWYPE’s hardtail models feature everything you need for everyday use: mudguards, kickstand, lights and much more.

Our first impressions about the SWYPE

SWYPE’s intentions are great and if they manage to supply the specialist trade on time and with a reliable product, the concept is nothing short of ingenious. This proves that modern digitalisation and competent advice can indeed work together and that good service doesn’t always have to be expensive. We’re more than excited to see how the concept evolves and are looking forward to testing the new bikes.

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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