The brand-new STEPS E7000 is the more affordable version of Shimano’s popular performance motor. It’s lighter and not as powerful as its bigger (and more expensive) sibling, the STEPS E8000, but does this necessarily make it worse?

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We were immediately impressed with the superb natural ride-experience the Shimano STEPS E7000 provides! Shimano’s “small” drive delivers power inconspicuously, but still offers the level of support you need from standstill, climbs and when cruising just below the 25 km/h threshold. In direct comparison with its bigger brother the Shimano STEPS E7000 feels more natural. It is also quieter and easier to modulate, especially in Boost mode. This allows for lots of rear-wheel traction even in slippery conditions. On the trail, the motor can easily keep up with the stronger E8000 version, even at maximum output. Only when riding in the wrong gear or at too low a cadence will you notice the10 Nm torque less. If you’re good in physics, you’ll know that less power with a same-sized battery means more range. The Trail mode of Shimano’s STEPS E7000 also convinced us with its situation-specific support. Thanks to its accurate sensors and intelligent software it provides the right amount of power in pretty much all scenarios.

Von allen Shimano-Motoren bietet der STEPS E7000 das natürlichste Fahrgefühl.

The two Shimano motors share the same mounting points, allowing manufacturers to choose the motor according to the spec and price-point of each bike. To allow for even cheaper spec-options, Shimano offers a 418 Wh battery in addition to the 504 Wh version to their STEPS E7000 line-up. Bikes with an E7000 should cost around € 300 less than an equally-specced E8000 model. The small black/white display provides all the necessary information and is compatible with the E-TUBE RIDE app. The compact remote is easy to reach and causes hardly any compatibility issues with the dropper-post remote.


If you favour a natural ride-feeling over maximum performance and if you’re not too fussed about winning uphill races, the E7000 will serve you better than the E8000 version. Lighter riders can probably stick to the cheaper version of the performance motor too. The E7000 isn’t just the cheaper option, it might sometimes even be the better one!

Torque 60 Nm
Motor weight 2.78 kg
Riding modes 3

App management yes
Walk-assist yes
System closed (compatible with third-party batteries)


  • compact and light
  • great choice of displays and remotes
  • support modes easily configurable
  • natural ride-feeling


  • light pedalling resistance
  • noticeably less power than the E8000 version at low cadences

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