How do you adjust the clock on your eMTB? Many of us are confronted with this question when we change from daylight savings to standard time at the latest. We’ll show you how to adjust the clock on a Bosch Intuvia or KIOX display

Setting the clock on your Bosch eMTB – with our instructions, you’ll be done in a jiffy!

Whenever we change from daylight savings to standard time and vice versa we ask ourselves: do you turn the clock backwards or forwards? Although somewhat trite, we’ve got a mnemonic verse to help you remember: in the spring you put your garden furniture on the porch at the front. In autumn you put them back in the shed.

Different displays – different ways to adjust the clock

How you adjust the clock on a Bosch eMTB depends largely on the display you’re using. If you’ve got a Bosch Purion display on your bike, there is no need to adjust the clock because it doesn’t display the time. The clock on the Nyon model gets updated automatically either when you connect your smartphone or via its integrated GPS module – no need for you to do anything. Only the Kiox and Intuvia displays have to be adjusted manually.

Setting the time on a Bosch Kiox 300 display

Switch with the left-/right buttons on the LED-Remote to the status screen and push the select button.
Press the motor support button down until you reach either system or My Kiox
Push down on the LED-Remote again until you reach the time settings.
Now you can change the time with the up and down buttons on the remote.

Setting the time on a Bosch Intuvia display

On the Intuvia display, you need to push a combination of buttons. Turn the motor on and then press the reset and info button simultaneously for about two seconds. Once you’re in the settings menu, you can adjust the clock with the lower row of buttons (the on/off and the light buttons). To save your settings, press the reset button again for about two seconds.

Turn on the motor and then press the reset and info button at the same time for about two seconds
The settings menu opens up with an indication of the current time. The lower row of buttons (on/off and light buttons) allow you to set the correct time.
To save the settings, press the reset button again for about two seconds. The display then automatically exits the settings menu.

Setting the clock on a Bosch Kiox display

Unlike the Intuvia display, the Bosch KIOX display introduced last summer has a clearly structured menu, which makes it easy to adjust the clock. Here is our step-by-step guide:

First, turn your eMTB on as usual
Push the left arrow key on the remote
That takes you to the settings menu. Use the select button next to the arrow keys on the remote to enter the settings.
You then get to the different categories. Select system settings. Use the arrow keys to scroll down and confirm the selection.
Use the arrow keys to scroll down through the menu. You confirm your selection via the square button next to your thumb.
The following submenu takes you to the time settings. Scroll down again with the arrow keys and select “Time”.
Now you can adjust the time. Once you’ve adjusted the time, confirm the settings and you’re done

For more information on the current Bosch motor check out our big eMTB motor group test or visit the official Bosch website.

Getting your eMTB ready for winter

Now that you’ve adjusted the clock on your eMTB to standard time, we’ve got a few more tips on how to set your eMTB up for winter and keep you and your gear protected while having even more fun in the mud and snow.

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Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer