What do a Mercedes S-Class and SCOTT Genius eRide 900 Tuned have in common? Amongst other things, elegant lines, a high degree of comfort and a high-class target group. However, with its loud finish, the SCOTT struggles to match the discreet, understated look of the Mercedes. But how does the bike perform off-road?

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SCOTT Genius eRIDE 900 Tuned | Bosch Performance CX/625 Wh | 160/150 mm (f/r)
22.96 kg in size L | € 7,799 | Manfacturer’s website

If you have a spare € 7,000 lying around you could either choose the exclusive Nappa leather package from Mercedes’ S-Class equipment list or get yourself a SCOTT Genius eRide 900 Tuned eMTB. At € 7,799, it’s just a few hundred euros more expensive and probably the more sensible option! Considering the prices of modern eMTBs, with some models retailing at well over 10k, the SCOTT could even be considered to be on the cheap side. The bike features a 4th generation Bosch Performance CX motor which draws its power from an integrated 625 Wh battery. If you’re after even more capacity you can expand it to over 1,125 Wh with Scott’s optional Range Booster Kit and an additional external battery. However, that is also likely to impact on the handling of the bike.

The SCOTT Genius eRIDE 900 Tuned in detail

The spec of the SCOTT Genius eRide 900 is high quality and functional and includes a FOX 36 Factory FIT4 fork and special FOX NUDE shock. Just like the suspension of an S-Class, both the fork and shock of the SCOTT can be adapted to the terrain in three stages via a remote on the handlebars. The TwinLoc lever lets you select from three suspension modes: Lockout, Traction Control and Descend. Select Traction Control reduces the shock’s air volume, preventing the shock from sinking deeper into the travel while climbing. This maintains a steeper geometry, provides more ground clearance and prevents the rear end from bobbing. While the efficiency of the suspension isn’t the biggest concern for an eMTB, having steeper geometry helps take the edge off technical climbs.

While the Hixon iC handlebar is a visual highlight of the SCOTT, the position of the KIOX display really isn’t!

Silent ride
The chainstay protector works effectively and makes for a quiet ride.
Appearances can be deceiving
While the high-end X01 derailleur is a great eye-catcher in the shop, on closer inspection you’ll be disappointed to find a cheaper cassette and shifter.
Flip it…
With the help of a flip chip, the SCOTT Genius eRide can be converted to 27.5” wheels. Real eMTB freaks could also consider running a mullet setup, with a small rear and big front wheel.
A lot going on!
At first glance, the cockpit might look a bit busy. While the TwinLoc remote takes some time to get used to and gets in the way of the dropper remote, it’s actually very intuitive to use.

SCOTT Genius eRIDE 900 Tuned

€ 7,799


Motor Bosch Performance CX 85 Nm
Battery Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh
Display Bosch Kiox
Fork FOX 36 Float Factory 150 mm
Rear Shock FOX Nude TR Evol, TwinLoc 150 mm
Seatpost FOX Transfer 150 mm
Brakes Shimano XT 4 pistons 203 mm
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle/SRAM X01 Eagle 1x12
Handlebar Syncros Hixon iC SL Carbon 780 mm
Wheelset Syncros Revelstoke-E 1.5 CL 29"
Tires Schwalbe Magic Mary/Hans Dampf 2,6"/2,6"

Technical Data

Size S M L XL
Weight 22.96 kg
Perm. total weight 129 kg
Max. payload (rider/equipment) 106 kg
Trailer approval no
Kickstand mount yes

Specific Features

Bosch Light Cable F&R pre-installed
Range Booster-Kit
Syncros Trail Fender

The tool for the big T35 screws is integrated with the quick release.
Equipped for everyday life
Genius eRide can also be fitted with a kickstand.
SCOTT combine the Bosch Performance CX motor with a Shimano magnet installed on the disc rotor.
Ramp it up
The progression of the rear end can be increased via the compression adjuster on the shock. Especially aggressive and sporty riders should use the more progressive mode.
The KIOX display sits right on top of the handlebars where it’s exposed to impacts. It would be much safer tucked away behind the handlebars.

The rest of the spec is very harmonious too. Powerful Shimano XT brakes with 200 mm rotors ensure powerful deceleration and a SRAM 1×12 drivetrain offers a sensible gear range. The short 165 mm cranks provide good ground clearance and make it easy to pedal on technical terrain. It’s a pity that SCOTT use an expensive high-end X01 rear derailleur to lure in customers but skimp on the rest of the drivetrain with cheaper components. An absolute highlight is the one-piece Syncros Hixon iC SL cockpit, which shares the same bling finish as the frame. If the fit of the handlebars agrees with you and your riding style, you’ll get a futuristic component that really enhances the look of the bike. However the position of the KIOX display right on top of the stem is very exposed and thus susceptible to damage. As with the handlebars, SCOTT also attach great importance to the integration of the spoke magnet which, unlike most other Bosch bikes, is attached directly to the brake rotor. Syncros wheels, a FOX Transfer dropper and grippy 2.6″ Schwalbe tires round off the package.

Geometry and size of the SCOTT

A quick glance at the geometry of the Genius eRide reveals that the bike takes both 29” and 27.5” wheels – a flip chip in the upper link makes this possible. In the big wheel setting, a large frame has a moderate reach of 461 mm and matching head angle of 65 °. At 465 mm, the chainstays are long and the 490 mm seat tube a little outdated. This limits the insertion of the seat post and forces you to use droppers with a short stroke – annoying and totally unnecessary. At 74.8°, the seat angle isn’t very steep either but thanks to the TwinLoc system you don’t have to sit too far back over the rear-wheel.

The Genius eRide is a real pleasure on climbs, where the bike scores with a high degree of comfort and superb traction.

Size S M L XL
Seat tube 410 mm 440 mm 490 mm 540 mm
Top tube 585 mm 605 mm 635 mm 665 mm
Head tube 120 mm 125 mm 135 mm 145 mm
Head angle 64.8° 64.8° 65.0° 65.0°
Seat angle 75.4° 75.4° 75.4° 75.4°
Chainstays 465 mm 465 mm 465 mm 465 mm
BB Drop 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Wheelbase 1,215 mm 1,236 mm 1,258 mm 1,290 mm
Reach 422 mm 441 mm 461 mm 488 mm
Stack 627 mm 631 mm 641 mm 650 mm
Helmet Giro Manifest Spherical | Jacket ION Hybrid Jacket | Pants ION Scrub Amp | Shoes ION Rascal Select

This is how the 2021 SCOTT Genius eRIDE performs

The riding position is very comfortable. Just like an S-Class, the SCOTT is an excellent partner for long journeys, provided the saddle shape agrees with your anatomy. In combination with the voluminous 2.6”, the suspension filters out bumps efficiently and makes you feel as if you are floating uphill. As usual, the Bosch motor delivers its power very discreetly. Should your bike come without the latest software update, we recommend getting it installed as soon as you purchase your bike. Thanks to the long chainstays and the TwinLoc system, which also lifts the bottom bracket, the Genius eRide is a real climbing virtuoso. If you spend lots of time tackling steep climbs, we recommend pushing the saddle all the way forward.

In narrow sections the Genius eRide is as agile as a limo in a maze. In return, it’s incredibly stable at high speeds, where it inspires tons of confidence.

Even when you point its nose downhill, the SCOTT Genius eRide resembles an S-Class. The sensitive chassis filters out bumps and provides a high level of comfort and lots of traction. The progression of the rear triangle is nicely tuned and can be increased with the external compression adjuster on the shock. We really like the setting that gives you maximum support at the end of the stroke on all trails. In corners, the Genius eRide is good-natured and predictable. The riding position is pleasantly centred and generates good traction on both wheels, making it virtually impossible to wash out with the front or rear wheel – unless you’re really asking for it! However, that superb balance comes at a price: on fast direction changes, the SCOTT is about as agile as a long S-Class limo on an alpine road. Of course, you can still ride it on all sorts of trails but on windy and technical trails more direct and compact bikes are simply more fun. Unfortunately, the light carbon frame cannot make up for the sluggish nature of the SCOTT. In other words, the character of the Genius eRide is not that much different from the cheaper 920 aluminium version.

Tuning tips: None. If you’re happy with the handling, the spec is great


The SCOTT Genius eRide 900 Tuned managed to inspire us in many ways. At the top of the list, the elegant look and good-natured, comfortable handling. But even the carbon frame can’t make up for the sluggish nature of the Genius eRide, which still lags behind the best bikes on the market in terms of agility. If you’re looking for a comfortable touring eMTB for long rides, this might just be the bike for you.


  • good-natured, intuitive handling
  • high comfort for long tours
  • stylish right down to the bar ends


  • sluggish handling
  • long seat tube limits seat post insertion
For more information, visit scott-sports.com

It's finally here: The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print Edition 2020 is our third annual edition and ultimate test bible, with which we aim to help you choose the perfect eMTB. More than 250 pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. You’ll also find many helpful tips and a guide to the most exciting eMTB trends – all of this is wrapped in a high quality print format. Click here for more information or order it directly in our shop!

Words & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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