New system provider SACHS MICRO MOBILITY takes the stage at EUROBIKE. Alongside its own eBike drive the young company is also presenting an ABS braking-system and intends to offer service solutions for the electric micro-mobility sector.

The SACHS name brings up old memories. The brand announces its comeback and presents itself as a new eBike system provider. SACHS MICRO MOBILITY is a joint venture between ZF Friedrichshafen, BMZ, Magura and BrakeForceOne — so they should know what they’re talking about.

With SACHS MICRO MOBILITY a new system provider is taking the stage.

The four brands joint forces two years ago and on May the 1st the new venture has been made official – BMZ’s involvement is currently still being examined by the authorities and is therefore subject to reservation. The headquarters of this new joint venture are split between Tübingen and Friedrichshafen. With the combined strength of four partners SACHS wants to soon offer a complete package. This package includes the motor, battery and ABS braking system.


The SACHS RS motor is designed to release its power at low speeds.

The motor relies on a 48V on-board power supply and has an incredible torque of 110 Nm. Both the drive and the battery are based on a basic BMZ drive. With a weight of 3.65 kg the SACHS RS is not exactly the lightest of motors but thanks to its good heat dissipation it should be able to maintain a consistent and high performance over an extended period of time without overheating. The motor is said to unleash its full power at a low cadence of 60 rpm. Thanks to two freewheel-clutches the motor is designed to run without perceptible drag even when riding without support. The main target group are sporty eMountainbikers but the system can also be adapted for city- and cargo-bikes.


For demonstration porpoises the ABS modules on the show bike were clearly visible but in future they can also be integrated into frames or forks.

The braking system may look familiar — after all we introduced the prototype of the ABS system at last year’s edition of EUROBIKE. The SACHS ABS is an anti-lock braking system for front and rear wheels — two cylindrical ABS modules control the braking process. The modules weigh 300 g each and can be integrated directly into the frame thanks to their compact shape. A number of sensors detect sudden wheel locks and efficiently prevent you from skidding or going over the bars.

Magura contributes with their braking know-how


The SACHS group wants to make a complete package with its subsystems and is already talking to a number of well-known bike brands which are potentially interested in using the system on their off-the-shelf bikes. Manufacturers can configure the system to their own requirements and have a lot freedom in terms of battery design and display. The first mobile bikes will be available in late autumn, we are excited!
SACHS has a long history. Now the brand is announcing its comeback.
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