What’s the best E-MTB for 2017? Can you pinpoint the 10 most important elements to consider when buying an E-MTB? Which disc brakes are capable of delivering the greatest performance? In this Issue we’ve dug deep into our reserves to answer you this questions.

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It has only taken a handful of years for E-MTBs to elevate themselves to the upper echelons of cycling, graciously earning the mantel of the sport’s avant-garde. This test has gathered the 14 current (and imminent) pinnacle of the crop, pooling the bikes that are filled to the brim with innovation and technology to find out: Which is the best E-Mountainbike 2017?

If there’s anything that e-mountain biking isn’t, then that’s cheap – which, if you ask us, makes it even more important to pose the right questions before buying your E-MTB. But what should you consider, and how do you even begin to answer these questions? To put you on track to your ultimate E-MTB, we’ve gathered the ten most important factors to consider.

They say that in life, “All good things come to those who wait” – the perfect pint or that perfect sunset. But when you’re charging hard into a corner, roost flying, eyes on stalks and breathing hard, when you pull the brakes you want instant action! We tested 8 Models in the lab and on the trail to tell you, which is the best E-Mountainbike brake.

If you’re ever lost for words with riding buddies, then throw out the question of 27.5″ or 29″ wheels and see what sort of murky depths this discourse will take you to. With the HardSeven and the HardNine, the German brand Haibike have covered both bases, creating two hardtail whippersnappers that are virtually identical except for the size of those hoops. So which of these carbon hardtails is actually better?

UK Editor Catherine and a friend takes to the wilderness with their E-MTBs, finding peace, missadventure, and the discovery that weather can be a cruel mistress.

All this – and much more more – can be found in E-MOUNTAINBIKE issue #009, which you can download right away. Enjoy the read!

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