New Bosch Nyon Display 2021, Kiox update and accident detection for the smartphone hub

Bosch have introduced their 2021 Nyon eBike display with integrated navigation. Whilst a new software update will soon make it possible to use the Kiox display for navigation, Bosch’s Help Connect service provides the Smartphone hub with an automatic accident detection. We’ve got all the details.

Alongside the recent software update, which gives the Performance CX, Speed and Cargo motors an additional 10 Nm torque (we have already tested it for you), Bosch have also introduced some cool innovations in the display department. For 2021, the Germans have reworked their outdated Nyon display and expanded the range of functions of the Kiox and Smartphone Hub with a software update.

The new Bosch Nyon can be operated with gloves and works even when the touchscreen is wet. As before, the thumb remote allows you to change the support modes while riding.

The new Bosch Nyon 2021 display

Many eBikers have been waiting for a long time for a new Nyon display and, above all, a modernisation of its functions. The new 3.2” display allows you to navigate without using a smartphone. Bosch have integrated GPS and maps from Open Street Maps into the display. If you want, you can also use routes, trails and tours from Komoot or Outdooractive in combination with your smartphone. More great features: The new Nyon includes the current battery status into your route planning and warns you if you won’t be able to reach your destination without charging the battery.

The new Bosch Nyon 2021 can be mounted either on top of the stem or centrally on top of the handlebars.

Price, compatibility and availability of the new Bosch Nyon display

The new Nyon display 2021 will be available in stores in autumn 2020. The retrofit kit should cost € 399. The display is compatible with all Bosch motors from MY 2014 onwards.

Navigation on the Bosch Kiox display

Soon, a software update will make it possible to use the popular Kiox as a navigation display. However, this always requires a connection with a smartphone with the Bosch eBike Connect app. Unlike the Nyon, it has no built-in GPS and only displays the navigation commands of your smartphone. Above all, we are curious to see how well the navigation function of the Kiox works in confusing riding situations, because the system doesn’t provide a map display. The free software update should be available from July 2020.

Together with your smartphone, the Kiox now tells you where to go – although only with a schematic route representation. For the time being, you’ll have to do without a map, which can be challenging especially when navigating offroad.

Crash detection for the COBI.Bike app through Bosch Help Connect

With the premium Help Connect function, Bosch bring another safety feature to eBikes. The COBI.Bike App, which is used in combination with the Bosch Smartphone Hub, has been expanded to include the paid accident detection module. An algorithm detects the type and severity of an impact and, if worse comes to worst, alerts the Bosch Help Connect Service, which also provides assistance to car drivers and motorcyclists in the event of an accident. If necessary, the rescue services will be informed immediately and provided with all relevant info. The Help Connect service is free for the first 12 months and costs € 5 per month once the first year’s over. This function is initially only available for smartphone users with a German SIM card.

Help Connect accident detection alerts emergency services when you need help. Unfortunately, this feature is currently compatible only with mobile phone phones with a German SIM card.

Our first impression

With a number of updates around displays and connectivity, Bosch brings exciting and sensible innovations that many users have been eagerly waiting for. Especially the NYON display inspired us with its extensive features, high-quality look and reasonable size – we’re looking forward to a first comprehensive test. The Help Connect gives you extra peace of mind and added safety, especially in urban environments and challenging trekking tours, helping reduce the fear of the consequences of an accident. Unfortunately, sporty eMTB-purists are left out in the cold, because there’s still no minimalist display and remote available for Bosch motors.

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